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svwip: now and then
children of dune - leto 1
I'm giving it three more days. I'm so bored with myself it's ridiculous. And it's not even dramatic moodiness. It's boring moodiness.

Head clearing in progress. Snippet. Courtesy of suggestions by theantimodel and svmadelyn.

Now and Then
by jenn

"So I live here?"

Clark circles the room, coming to slow stop by the windows. The entirely of fall Metropolis is spread out in front of them, all bright lights and far below, golden-brown-red trees just losing their leaves. Lex isn't sure what to make of the way Clark stares down, eyes narrowing in thought--this isn't very Clark, but there's nothing he could do about that.

"You just moved in," Lex clarifies, glancing back in time to watch Mercy close the door, leaving them alone in the sprawling penthouse. Clark's never been here. A thousand to-do lists are being written in his head every second, but somehow, everything stops when Clark turns around, looking at him from under long bangs, green eyes muddy dark.

"I--I'm sorry." Biting his lip, Clark turns away, hands pushing into his pockets, staring into the floor like it might have some kind of answer. "I don't--don't remember."

No ID on an unknown boy, wandering downtown Metropolis. Just a picture from stupid county festival stuffed in one pocket, of all things, and Lex doesn't know why Clark had it in his jacket, what nurse recognized Lex from the photograph, or what happened that night. It just did, it just had, and standing in the ER of a Metropolitan hospital, Lex told his first lie.

No next of kin.

"It's okay." Lex's not sure what to do with a Clark who looks like that--all this time, in all these years, he's never seen Clark vulnerable. Tentatively, he reaches up, touching one strong shoulder, and Clark turns into it, so naturally that Lex's breath catches. It's all new to Clark, and it's almost new to Lex; it's been so long. "Sit down. I'll get you something to drink."

Clark nods numbly, letting Lex lead him to the couch, curling up in the corner, a tight ball of pretty, miserable boy, somehow small on the dark leather. Both bare arms wrapped around his legs, chin just resting on a jeans-clad knee. His eyes track Lex everywhere.

Clark's full attention has weight, and Lex can feel Clark looking for memories in his body. Pouring straight scotch, Lex ignores the fact Clark's still technically under the legal limit, and Clark takes it with a flick of the wrist, familiar, something he might have learned from Lex once upon a time.

"Can you--" Clark stops, staring at the bottom of the empty glass like he expects it to have answers. "Do you know--tell me--" Clark stops again, flushing. "I heard what the doctors said about telling me stuff, but--"

Five rooms away and fully conscious for the first time in weeks. Looking at Lex like he was the only thing in the world. "I just have to be careful, until we know how much you lost, Clark. We don't want to create false memories."

"I just--I don't recognize anything." The edge of desperation brings Lex back, and this time, it's easier to touch him. Clark seems to need it so much. "I just--I need to know something. Anything. I live here. I go to--college?"

"You go to MetU, yes." Lex waits, but Clark's mouth is a tight, thin line. "You're a good student." A private kid, who keeps to himself. "You live--lived in the dorms." No roommate. No real friends. You never trusted anyone after Pete and Lana. "You like stargazing." You watch the stars looking for your people. "There's nothing you need to worry about."

"And I moved in here this year?" Clark's eyes take in the apartment again, maybe looking for himself here.

"You said two years in the dorms were enough."

Clark nods slowly, and Lex can see him pulling it together in his head. Clark's eyes close, hand tightening in Lex's. "We're--are we--" Clark stops, and so much has changed, but not that blush, bright and sharp, chin going down, a fifteen year old in a Scottish manor house and a hundred thousand times between then and now.

He hadn't even been speaking English when they admitted him. He stared at Metropolis like he'd never seen it before. Tabula rasa, like seven years were nothing but a dream.

Lex breathes in and tells his second lie.


Yes! Amnesia, one of my very very favorites, and also canonically quite plausible. Is there more where this came from?

I'm not sure where else it can go that hasn't been done before and better. *grins* I think your Golden Rule spoiled me for amnesia fic.

Oooh, Lex, you are doing a bad, bad thing . . . and I like it, a lot!

*nod* I like him bad, too. Oh yes.

Mmmmmmm... *happy sigh*

I do like your Lexes. I really do. Complicated and trying, and more amoral than evil.

Mmm. Amoral!Lex. *Pretty*.

I love him *so much*.

*waves* Hi, jenn. I just friended you, though I've been a fan of your work for a long while. I just wanted to say hello, and that I absolutely love your writing.[/fangirl]

*goes back to lurking*

*waves* Thanks! And welcome!

Oh, I just want to hate Lex for this...but...I can't!


Love this!

I love amnesia fic. It makes anything possible. Great little snippet.

*nod* I do too. Blank slates are always fun.


Awwww. You know that I love this, and my only thing is coming back to that whole established greedy theme, what with me wanting to see more. *continues still more with the biting of the nails*

*grins* But if this is all that calls, I thank you very much for using my little prompt out of all of the awesome ideas people were noting on your other post. *huggles*

You, darling, are bad crack.


I have no idea what they should do. I mean, other than have sex.

Nice, I second the call for more.

I hope this doesn't come back to bite Lex on the ass too much. Clark might not be all that forgiving when, if, he remembers.

*grins* He'd be pissy, that's for sure.


Hmmm... nicely done. I'm Very intrigue.

Thanks! It's--well, something. Hmm.

Oooooooooooh, jennfic. Yummy. This was a perfect ending to a perfect day. Was just about to logoff when I saw that you'd posted. Thanks so much, chica.

Have a wonderful day tomorrow!

Aww, thanks, honey!


I love the way you write. Never explicit in details, you let us draw our own conclusions by reading between the lines and you do it brilliantly. Lex's willingness to lie, Clark never having been to the penthouse, I already feel bad for them that their relationship has slipped so far. And Lex still wants Clark, enough to lie about it, enough to risk the return of Clark's memory. I really love this premise for some reason, the idea of a fresh start, even for one of them, is so fascinating. Great job.

I just wish I could figure out some new spin on this idea. I like it--I keep having flashes of scenes--but knitting them together is something else entirely.


Thanks so much. Clichefic is addictive.

Eeep! Oh man, I hope you go with this one. There's so MUCH angst potential here.

*giggles* And porn potential.


Ohhh man. I LOVE THIS.

Thanks, sweets! *hugs*


*grins and pets the boys* They are so screwed.

I love this. It's so interesting how Clark suspects that there's something more than friendship between them even though they could just be friends/roommates, and what that says about Clark's feelings...


Not to mention the fact that he keeps a picture of Lex.

Yeah, I'm thinking Clark is less moved on than he thinks.