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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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head hurts, crampy, stupid monthly things, and also, stupidity
children of dune - leto 1
Okay, I badly, badly need to clear my head, so I am going to do the stupidest thing I've ever done, bar none. My nerve broke and I started skipping around editing, which is just incredibly weird, but now I just feel like I really, really should have kept my temper and not taken that thing back out with gradiose plans of finishing it.

Someone challenge me.

Nothing with The Yard or Stumble and Fall--trust me, you really don't *want* to see the mess either of them are right now. It's like a remodeling--big mess, lots of shingles, and plaster all over the floor. So not pretty.

Just. Hmm. Something I've snippetted and for some reason, you want to see more, or something that you'd like to see me write, or hell, I don't know, something. Smallville, please. Seriously, at this point, everything seems likely, and God alone knows what I'd do to poor Justin in this state. Probably werewolf the poor kid, and really, I think he's been tortured enough.

*sighs* If you're interested, feel free to reply. If not, send me good brownie thoughts. I need to make more. I fear that pan has been emptied.

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*sending good brownie thoughts* *pets* Just woke up so I can't think of anything atm, but if I do come up with a simple challenge, I'll let you know, mkay? *huggles*

Hmmm...*thinks* Clex, obviously. And something about Autumn, and the leaves changing? How's that?

I vote for some type of obscurely-colored Kryptonite causing everyone who comes in contact with it to sing showtunes.

Don't mind me. I'll be in the corner. With my Muppet crossover.


I think Teal Kryptonite will do that...

Nothing wrong with a little bondage, I always say.

cabin fic would be good. really good.

would suggest but am clueless Smallville wise.

go make the brownies

I always vote for college Clark and Lex, doing, something. POssibly involving laundry.

For weeks I had this very involved fantasy where Clark is at the laundromat and Lex is stalking/watching him. It was the only thing that made folding towels fun.

Got an idea. Post Asylum - Lex finds a picture of him and Clark ()that Clark didn't know he had. It shows them holding each other closer than friends normally would. Lex has been dreaming about Clark, about kissing him, but just assumed they were dreams. When he finds the picture, he wonders if they are more than just dreams. What does he do?

Sound good?

hey, this is a bit of topic here but where can i find previews of the yard and stumble and fall? or haven't you posted anything of those yet?

and i'm sending you good brownie thoughts ;)....good luck


{hugs} and brownie thoughts.

Hmmm... Smallville... Lex encounters a kind stranger. Missing scene after any of the abandoned-woobie-Lex moments (post Jitters, pre/post Asylum, enroute home in Exile, post Covenant, for a few.) In a few of these, it could be questioned whether he's just hallucinating.

Hmm, am not familiar with your snippets, but have you done any SV drabbles? Perhaps a sequel to one of those?

And I must say your icon is absolutely adoreable! ^__^

Man, you're *never* writing my story, are you?

Bad things happened to me today. Let's be surly together.

Since I'm the greediest thing like, ever, I would like to see you give Amnesiac!Clark a whirl. Possibly with Lex taking advantage of this, oh, somehow. *grins*

(Or anything else you've been showing recently. I love it all. Or oooh! Inauguration tragedy! Or more about the baby! Or--well, really. Anything's good. I may be greedy, but I'm also damn easy.)

*sending you good brownie thoughts* I'm always happy to read anything you write - don't have any particular desires off the top of my head (tho I'm now thinking fondly of the Spidey/SV xover you did). & monkeys make everything better. :)

I'd love to see you're vision of the Death of Superman, preferably not at Lex's hands. Bonus points if Lex tells reality to screw itself and figures out how to bring him back.

Pretty please

More of Pretty When You're Mine? AU with Clark as rentboy hired by Dominic to liven up Lex's birthday?

Pretty pretty please?

I hope you're feeling better now. I may very well be in NY for the slumber party!

I'd love to see your version of "fuck or die" where Clark has to mate or else -- or, even better, post-rift Lex discovering sex secrets of the Kryptonians and offering them to Clark.

Heh. I'm already working on that last. If I ever have time to finish it...

But it's good to know it's at least got an audience of one!

It's got a slavering, worshipful audience, I can tell you that. And I'm sure the audience is a lot bigger than me; I'm just your number one fan. But only a little bit in that creepy Misery way.

Sorry for butting in, but -

OMG, you're writing that?! You're actually writing it? I remember when you started talking about that - every time I think about it I have to stop myself from sending you a stalkery e-mail.

**sends free-time vibes**

And damn you all for having fun at the slumber party without me! Er, I mean... enjoy yourselves. Yes.

I thought your anal probe idea from the other day was good *g* But anything Clex is enough to keep me happy ^_^

Well there is always Mulder showing up in Smallville. I mean, you know you wanna...

really would love a snippet/ficlet of demestic clex in the white house

I love ur clex fics!!!
Especially your series somewhere I have never travelled, gladly beyond and take u there...........also read the rising (pre story background)
I was wondering also if u'll continue up wip Two Paths?......coz I am really intrigued how this story would go or end up.

CLex - some kind of post-Rift, post-Death of Superman Reconciliation story.

and now for something completely different...

jus. ad. bellum.

nuff' said.

pretty please?


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