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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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children of dune - leto 1
I finally decided that it was going to take chemical assistance or a new movie to get my mood up. The movie was, frankly, cheaper and more legal. So skimmed my memory for every movie recommended by Lj over the last six months, then bought The Butterfly Effect.

I tend to trust my LJ list over reviews these days, mostly because I get the feeling that sometimes, reviewers have no idea what they are actually watching, especially in horror or genre. Then there's Ashton Kutcher.

Back when I first started watching Smallville, every time Clark annoyed me, which was often, I'd mentally shove Lex in bed with Ashton for romping. Because you know, tall, dark--seriously, it's all about the shallow gratification angle. Sometimes, I'd try to cast him into some DC character or another, but really, it was all about the pretty factor. And God, is Ashton pretty. Just looking at him makes me intensely happy. He doesn't do much for me in That Seventies' Show, though I love the show deeply. The hair. But my. My my my.

I'm just that easy sometimes. Mmm. Ashton. Happy.

Things That Went Right

The bill was faxed by Panamerican, finally, telling me exactly what we owe. For those attending Slumberparty, the bill is about seven hundred less than they originally told me. No, I'm not joking. Seven hundred dollars. I have paper proof going on here. irishcaelan is going over it with me tonight so we can get the amount everyone owes per night, so yay. This is me. Far less unhappy with the world. Then again, I have Nestle Quik and milk, and apricot pie, and waffles, adn God, you don't even want to know how much I spent at the grocery store, but it was a lot. And I'm correspondingly less peeved with the universe. Also, it's less than three weeks away. I still have to find luggage to buy, borrow, or steal, get my hair recolored, buy new pants, and figure out how me and svmadelyn will survive shopping alone in NY on Thursday night. I suppose getting hopelessly lost on our first night would be really, *really* bad.

Speaking of which, svmadelyn has a poll up about dinner Saturday night. If you are in NY and want to come, vote! And also, if you haven't already, tell us you are coming. I think the ones she listed require reservations, so we'd like to have as close to an accurate number as possible.


I pre-warned everyone at work that surly was going to be my middle name until they put me in the next TANF training class. Everything thought it was cute. I threatened to dress up as Catwoman for Halloween and openly carry a whip to use on those who annoyed me. I was helpfully referred to websites to buy the proper boots. I was also pointed to teh dress code, which does not allow for bodysuits.

I said I'd wear a jacket with the ensemble. Boss looked worried. Also cheering. I get my kicks very cheaply.

I found playin #1 Crush and singing along makes people very nervous. That was fun.

So, I need surly, unhappy music to play in my office. Vaguely hopeless, and dark, and something that I can sing along to, so as to terrify anyone with a lick of sense. Also, hurt their ears. I did point out I am unable to carry a note, right? Yes, this is the pettiest of revenges. Recommendations?

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Sneakerpimps, I prefer Six under ground. For that matter anything off the La Femme Nikita (tv show) soundtrack.
Pretty sure I have it on my omputer, so let me know and I'll shoot them over to you.

*lugs out cds from where sister hid them*

First, yay for getting the bill. :) makes things easier...

Second... Music... =) <-- Very happy me... la de da....

Maps Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Away from the Sun Course of Nature
the entire Audioslave album. Really.
Bad Day and Hemorrage (In My Hands) Fuel
Hunter Dido
Last Train Home lostprophets
Just a Girl No Doubt
Fallen, Stupid and Perfect Girl, Sarah McLachlan
(Can't You) Trip Like I Do Filter with Crystal Method
Are You Happy Now? Michelle Branch
Sour Girl STP

I'm just a little random... Let me know if you need any...

Surly unhappy music ... Diamanda Galas. V frightening. Though sing-along-to-able? Not so much. But ultimate surly unhappy and frightening.

Um ... not sing-to-able. But you can yowl to it...

Hmm. Well for sheer annoyance value, I'd go with The Little Mermaid soundtrack.

Heh. Or not.

I like Poe. She's fun. Luminosity's "Not a Virgin Anymore" vid with one of her songs is really funny. http://kamil.slashcity.com/eyecandy/


and figure out how me and svmadelyn will survive shopping alone in NY on Thursday night. I suppose getting hopelessly lost on our first night would be really, *really* bad.

I'm not sure if you will be in Queens at that point, but if you need navigational help with anything in Manhattan, I--and I'm sure the rest of the local people dropping in on the party, although I can only speak for myself--will be happy to help you shop or keep from getting helplessly lost or whatever you need... post closer to the date and I can email you my contact info.

I don't know about singing along, but Portishead has that vaguely hopeless and dark feel.

Since you still have yet to send me a playlist for *eight* songs for the Yard, (*glare*) I shall have to make you a CD of the most angsty music I own. Ooooh. Can I put really annoying music on it too? Like--like Celine Dion's french songs or something? *bounces eagerly*

Scorpions - Winds of Change

You Oughta Know - Alanis
Criminal - Fiona
Only Happen When It Rains - Garbage
I Hate You So Much Right Now - Kelis

Give me a while to ponder and I'll probably come up with some good ones -- right off the top of my head, google for some Tool lyrics (because they're not in the CD cards and you'll never be able to make out what Maynard is singing). "Prison Sex" is a good violent one, BTW.

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