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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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now i'm just whining
poor me
Also, the sharks I bought are dead. one second, doing their thing--the next, floating.

Seriously. This week has been about five days too long and sucked hugely.

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Yes, week sucked.

How suzvoy put it so eloquently: The week sucked bunnies.

*nods & hugs*

Sending over good vibrations (take your pick what kind). My week has been extra wonderful, so I'll share out some to you.

Love and hugs...

Damn. How long did you have them? (And how much did the damn things cost?) Could it be something like when my mother killed my first set of goldfish by cleaning the bowl and not putting chlorine tablets in the fresh water, or maybe did you get sold diseased sharks?

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