Seperis (seperis) wrote,

this day sucked

Thing One

I was kicked out of TANF training because of Slumberparty. As when we planned it, and when I made the reservations, and when I bought my ticket, and right up until yesterday, we were told it was starting November fifth. Oh no, not anymore. It starts the same week I leave, October 18th, and I'm not allowed to miss three days of it. So the long and short of it is, my career track's been kicked back by at least six months, if not longer. The only solution offered was that I give up my time off.

They have got to be fucking kidding me.

I went beyond bitter during lunch. I am Surly and Bitter, and shall remain so, well into November, then perhaps graduate to merely Jaded and Sardonic. Just. Gah.

Thing Two

My desk chair is broken. GRRRR.

Thing Three

On a more encouraging note, the hotel reversed itself and gave me information. Not a fax, but information. I'm too skeptical at thsi point to trust anything I don't have in hardcopy, but I'm calling tomorrow to speak to my reservationist, who was out today, or failing that, the manager.

Thing Four

Because I am just that stupid, I decided to read everyone's reviews of Smallville before watching. Which is, you know, the dumbest idea ever. And if I never, ever, ever read ClarkLex list again it will be too soon for my digestion. That is the most depressing list in creation. I stopped regular reading over a year ago, well after the third and fortieth time The Clex Was Declared Dead. We're now on repetition whatever number, and then, for reasons that passeth my understanding, read it this week, and seriously. My God.

My God.

Plus, no one I recognize except mecurtin posted, which either means I've been in LJ too long or avoiding SV too long, or hell, both.

You know, just for kicks, post one thing you liked about SV's ep last night that would gently encourage me to watch it? Seriously, I am *wincing* when I look at the DVR.
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