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The Toybox

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boot zone
children of dune - leto 1
I'm suggestible.

calligrafiti mentions boots and that is pretty much the entire reason I'm on www.amazon.com right now, staring at boots. Thinking, if I give up something, I, too, can afford hideously expensive yet ever so cool boots. By 'something', I mean, food. But really, who needs food when there are boots?

Though as yet, even I cannot think of a practical reason for thigh high boots. Or even an impractical reason. There's the joys of ownership, but really, where would I wear them? And what would I wear them with? I mean, there's only so much in the professional category that applies, and none of those apply to my profession, you might say.

But thigh-high boots. I want.


Boot place. Almost as good as the peach cobbler place.

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See. I prefer the tiny little skirts that make people squint and ask if that was supposed to be a headband.

It's not so much where would you wear it, but that it looks like it might cut off circulation.


Eh. I've been turned off boots at the moment.

The blame rests firmly with PervertGuy who Mum and I ran into on the train home Saturday night. Seriously, I have no objections to a total stranger sitting opposite me, even if he's holding a recently purchased porn film.

I do have an objection to him trying to convince us to let him massage our feet, and then trying to get us to look at the cover of the video, and then going on about how he likes women in really high boots (and that was why he bought the video, "Here, look," and more women should wear boots, etc). Mum and I gave up on steering the conversation to less sexual topics, and he just kept repeating this creepy conversation for about twenty minutes. Eurgh.

Oh em gee. Those are the ugliest boots I have ever seen, hon -- and I'm including some pleather atrocities in that category.

A cheap thigh-high fix without the chafing and the rubbing and the bulging and straining are thigh-high tights, or stocking with suspenders. Thigh high tights, with the lacy stay up tops? And garters and suspenders? Very much with the pretty and sexy without the price tag.

Women's ELECTRA-3000 PAT Spike Angel

Hee! ...did you notice the name? They're called "Spike Angel"! WTF? Is there some sort of Buffy-related merchandising going on or is the name just some sort of bizarre coincidence?

I have nothing against thigh-high boots, but, WOW, I really don't like those. Some boots are so ugly, they're somehow sexy, but those are just... fugly. YMMV, however! But I think you can do better with your $$.

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