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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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times when you realize yo'uve been awake too long....
children of dune - leto 1
Big warning sign.

I think, hmm, Lex and Mulder would be very, very hot together.

Yeah. I'm going places that, let's all face it, sane minds don't want to go. But wait! I mean, just mull it for a second. Mulder has nice suits. Lex has nice suits. They could meet at Armani or something. They bond over their mutual obsession with aliens in a huge way. Mulder would be all over alien artifacts.

They would have strange, awkward sex at some point. I mean, it's Mulder.

I'm reaching really hard here.


I don't think it's that far out, really.

It has a weird fascination, doesn't it? Seriously, I keep thinking of it at the weirdest moments.

Reach for it! :)

Sounds good to me!

Oh god. That's plausible.

And really, really hot.

*feeds bunny*

It would just be so destined. Then Mulder trying to inconspiciously stalk Clark, which is hours of mental entertainment in itself.

Now me, I have a very well-developed Lex/Scully/Clark fantasy. With an interval that's just Lex/Scully, and then back to Clark/Lex, with maybe a scoop of Mulder/Scully at the end. Mulder -- he's just a punk.


Now *that* would be an interesting story.

i'm strangely enamored of strange, awkward sex at the moment. and clark could find out and be all pissy in a ambiguous and non-verbal manner. mmmm.

*g* all passive-aggressive ambiguous, giving Mulder dirty looks and saying how his trenchcoat is all melodramatic when it flares.

And you *know* Mulder read comic books. Clark would be all bitter when he finds Lex and Mulder reading Warrior Angel.

(Deleted comment)
Hmm. Is Mulder still in hiding from the end of X-File? *mulls* This has possibilities. Especially since the once-mayor of Smallville was Cigarette Smoking Guy, wasn't it?

*rubs hands together* Conspiracccyyyy.

You're getting me all excited. Stop teasing.

*giggles* It's just so cute.

Okay, after reading all the comments, I want to read it. Are you gonna write it? Hee.

*looks at you* There's not even a story! Just, you know, weird, awkward sex with two overdressed men in a big, comfy bed.


Okay, that *is* a story, but still.

I can totally see it. *prod*

(Deleted comment)
It's weirdly addictive, isn't it?

Dooooo iiiiiiit. You know you want to.

It's just--so weird.

But *pretty*.

No, not at reaching at all. In fact you should encourage it. Ponder some more.

::Picturing Mulder's Armani lying in a mess on the floor with Lex's Armani::

Oooh. *mess of Armani*


X-Files officially broke my heart and stomped all over it while doing a Mexican Hat Dance, but the pairing isn't really all that out there.

*giggle* X-Files broke everyone's heart, I think.


You should totally do it. But should it be old-school Mulder of the first few seasons or sorta-crazy-back-from-the-dead-end-of-the-series-Mulder?

I like the crazier one. He'd match Lex for obsessiveness and crazy enough not to care. *grins*