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The Toybox

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children of dune - leto 1
fox1013 has a dollhouse.

I. Am. So. Jealous.

Okay, I am bitter. She is talking about a Dollhouse Fic Theatre, and I keep thinking, where is Luthor Castle in the toystore? Okay? Where is my Fic Theatre Dollhouse?

I mean, think of it--the farm, the castle, the school, and what the hell, the coffee house, and I even have the perfect place to set them up, though granted, I will need to get action figures (and why don't I have action figures yet, I ask you?), and a variety of models of cars, though I've seen those at Wal-Mart, or do you think a Deluxe Lex figure would come with choice of Bentley or Aston Martin? Or Porsche?

That was a very long sentence.

I mean, this could be my first legitimate hobby! People collect dolls and obscure action figures all the time! I mean, come *on*, an entire country engaged in domestic guerrilla warfare for beanie babies and cabbage patch kids once upon a time. My mommy, on a side note, was, in fact, one of the scary parents during the Year of the Cabbage Patch Kids. I"ll have you know she pulled the ones for me and my sisters directly off the truck they came in.

*I* could be that person. *I* could be chasing trucks for Luthor Castle, complete with a Blind Lionel and a dizzying array of random manservants.

And on a far more practical note, this could help with fic writing enormously. I mean, fic theatre! With action figures!

I'm going to go relax now. As you might be able to tell, this is my first dose of caffeine for the night. Oh, and panic over the hotel some more.

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That would be so stinkin' cool.


My Victorian Dollhouse?

Will so be Luthor Castle. And Kent Farm. And the Talon. And EVERYTHING ELSE. I mean, badly decorated? But that's why we have paper on which we can write neatly "THE TALON".

Help. Me.

This is where I admit

My Clark and Lex already have a pretty elaborate bedroom and mostly live cuddled together in their bed. Seriously. Ask yavannauk. She saw them while she was here in NY for New Year's visiting me from the UK. *g*

It's a combo of regular scaled doll furniture and Madeline (the French orphan books are done as dolls and furniture in scale for their dolls of 8 inches) as the Clex DC Direct figures are slightly bigger than dollhouse scale.

Also, I have been working on 12" ones for a while and I'm not the only one. I am extremely happy with my Clark. He's one of the Barbie My Scene Boys and he's perfect! - hair, eye color and even face sculpt. FYI - if you want him too, the doll I am referring to is named Ellis.

Lex, naturally, is more of a problem and is more than likely going to involve a repaint on my part. Currently I have a bald GI Joe Navy officer but I am not completely satisfied with him and am constantly on the lookout for a better sculpt and am not limiting myself to just Mattel or Hasbro.

I've repainted Barbie furniture before. Otherwise the stuff all belongs in Lana's room, ie; Barbie and Lana Pink. I have a nice collection building just for the boys and a very nice set of study shelves, pool table, and even a mini katana for behind Lex's desk waiting for display.

And yep, wardrobe waiting for them as well.

Heh, heaven forbid I start small. Of course I wanna do the Castle of the *cough* Luthor-Kents.

Anyone know where I can find some mini cobalt blue bottles to be Tynant bottles? *g*

Why, yes, I am a life-long doll and Barbie collector. What gave it away?

I design, sew, repaint, re-root, the whole nine yards. I've had to concentrate on a lot of RL hell and most, if not all of my valuable dolls are already sold, but fashion dolls still provide a great stress reliever to me.

I never outgrew my dolls. ;)

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