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children of dune - leto 1
Okay, question. Is it weird or unheard of to ask for an itemized listing of charges from the hotel you have reservations at? Because see, I am having Issues getting this. And they keep giving me a total wildly different from teh one I'm getting. well, not wildly, but enough for me to raise my eyebrows at. And it makes me nervous, because I want not *only* everything in writing on how much they are charging me, but why they are charging it.

I'm going to breathe now.

If you are attending Slumberparty and staying at the hotel and you haven't turned in your questionaire---or if you haven't received the questionaire--email it to us or email us to tell us soonish. I'm doing the last magic math to get everyone's concrete room prices down--and possibly crying into the phone to the hotel until they send me the information I want.


*thinks of chocolate milk*

*thinks of brownies*


Also? Interface of LJ? Still freaking me out.

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if you care to get more specific, you can email me - I should be able to answer any questions you have

Like, prices and numbers of people and so forth? And rooms? Etc? This is weirdly complex. Or something more specific? I can email. It's this or slow, unpretty nervous breakdown. So much less fun than expected.

if you want, you can email me - cael@irishcaelan.com - tell me what they've told you and what they are purportedly charging you for. I was in hotel management for years and can pretty much get any info you want or figure out what's going on. Just tell me the property as well.

Have you paid yet? If you haven't, tell them this is a company trip, and the company won't pay anything unless there's an itemized invoice.

We dont' have to pay until we arrive--I'm doing the full payment when me and Madelyn check in. I really, really want an invoice here, just to see what teh totals are going to be final.

Ooh, good idea, though.

"I need an itemized receipt by X date or else my company will not authorize the funds. It is not me, it is those damn bitches in accounts payable; they are vicious."

Can you fax them this request? People get more nervous when things are in writing.

Hey. It's not weird to want that info. They may also be charging some kind of deposit, or multiple taxes (ie, state taxes plus tourism tax) A deposit is a little strange if you're paying by credit card though.


If it's taxes, that's fine--I just want to see it, you know? *grinds teeth* They gave me a figure for each room, then the total. And the total is about 200 off waht I got when I added up all the rooms together. If it's tax, fine, though that's one hell of a tax, especially considering I did an estimate on expedia that comes out 200 dollars or so lower than *my* figures.

This is so stresing. I need a freind who owns a hotel, just so I can use emotional blackmail to get an itemized receipt.

*stops biting nails to type*

Claire (earis) and I are trying to figure out what's going on with us, because I have to be at work on Sunday by 1 PM.

See also: panic, us.

But. Will get back to you ASAP.

Or try to.


*snickers* I jsut need to know if you wer eleaving Sunday or Monday so I could do final room prices nad have them up for everyone. Breathe. Let *me* be the panicked one.

Itemization should not be a problem, and if it is, take it to the manager. If he gives you grief, take it to the state attorney's office.

I think the manager is going to be my next call, if they do'nt give me an answer or a fax or email this time. It's getting just *weird* that they won't let me see it on paper.

It's not unheard of to ask for itemized charges, even before the reservations have been made. In my scans of various travel review sites, I've seen lots of complaints of hidden charges that weren't told to the people beforehand - things like mandatory charges for the in-room safe, even if the person didn't use it. Those usually were at hotels that were dirt cheap though, and people were choosing them based solely on the lowest price. The larger, more expensive hotels I've stayed at have never been a problem.

I worry about that, especially since my figures and theirs are coming off so different. Technically, we have a month--if they keep stonewalling me, I can go and find another hotel to use, though Madelyn may start getting grey hairs if she has to see me freak out like that again. I jsut don't want to, as this one is reasonable and in a decent location.

*chews nails* Okay. I can figure this out. Or something close to it.

probably, its nothing too serious, like in some states (esp. Alabama) there is a higher tax rate for hotels and such. Also, there might be a fee for the phone that is worked into the rate they charge, and that's why you're getting a different price than what they give you. At the motel I work at, it's 75 cents for the phone, and 75 cents a day, or a room, can add up.

*breathe* it's important to do that. ;)

delurking to tell you...

Most hotels "charge" $25.00 to $50.00 dollars a night for incidental fees. This is for things you might order, like Room Service or a movie. They will send out for approval on your credit card, but at the end of your stay only charge you for what you have used.

That's why it's so important to never use a debit card when reserving or checking into a hotel. Or a car rental agency.

Ask reservations or accounting at the hotel if the extra $200.00 is for incidentals.

I saw this article this morning after checking my webmail and thought of this entry of yours.

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