Seperis (seperis) wrote,

Okay, question. Is it weird or unheard of to ask for an itemized listing of charges from the hotel you have reservations at? Because see, I am having Issues getting this. And they keep giving me a total wildly different from teh one I'm getting. well, not wildly, but enough for me to raise my eyebrows at. And it makes me nervous, because I want not *only* everything in writing on how much they are charging me, but why they are charging it.

I'm going to breathe now.

If you are attending Slumberparty and staying at the hotel and you haven't turned in your questionaire---or if you haven't received the questionaire--email it to us or email us to tell us soonish. I'm doing the last magic math to get everyone's concrete room prices down--and possibly crying into the phone to the hotel until they send me the information I want.


*thinks of chocolate milk*

*thinks of brownies*


Also? Interface of LJ? Still freaking me out.
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