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The Toybox

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(no subject)
children of dune - leto 1
Okay, so not liking the new format here for updates. Maybe I'll get used to it. But. Um. Eww.

You know, this could be the first time in watching that I am absolutely unspoiled for the season, with one exception, and it's not even a spoiler, since I heard it a while back. I'm kind of tempted to tape and then ask people after if they liked it before watching.

Or you know, I could be normal and just bite my nails.


Decisions, decisions.

Ah, look, reminder email from svmadelyn!

*tentatively bites nails*

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*waves hand around to vote for latter option*

Come on AIM--we'll throw things and yell and say wheeee! together! Or you know, watch however you're comfortable. Just watch. It should be good. Would I lead you astray? Would I?


Also? I'm like, so on time with the emails. You do realize since my memory is all sieve-like how remarkable that is, don't you?

I totally agree with you regarding the update - update. Took me forever to find the tab to choose what LJ to post in ::sigh:: Of course, my difficulty could be due to lack of sleep . . .

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