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finding inner peace with dairy products

Sometimes, I think we just don't appreciate the little things enough.

Take, for example, milk.

Smooth, creamy, cold, straight from the refrigerator. Poured into a freshly washed glass.

(a glass with a handle, of course. we are romantic, not foolish. easier to *carry*)

Then, a can, a delicious, cold can, of Hershey's syrup. Chocolate.

(like it would be anything else)

Then pour.

Just watch. It's a zen moment. Appreciate the time you spend pouring.

(Because cold syrup has the viscosity of gum, and so, you may be waiting a while.)


(still waiting)


(still waiting)


(you're getting kind of tired of being zen)

Look! Chocolate! A single, magical, dark ribbon hurtling toward the surface of the milk.

(more like, meandering toward, because again, viscosity liken unto gum poured. very slow)

You wait while you pour.

(It's a thin ribbon)


(this gets old very fast. shake the can)


(seriously. shake it.)

Then spoon! Quick, rapid, one might think desperate, but you are in your zen place stirring, and finally, it's that rich color that says, drink me! Drink me! Drink me!

And so you do.

This is a zen moment brought to you by jenn.
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