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quick recs

Because I finally had time to read today AND write in LJ. Hence this oh so good mood.

Freshman Orientation by Punk. This is low-key, quiet, and indirect enough to make me melt, and I'm a huge sucker for everything that's not said but only shown. And collegefic just ROCKS. The little things between Lex and Clark--both Clark's assumptions and Lex's actions just worked for me in every way. And that description of the soul sucking bookstore? Oh hell yes.

Resolutions by SugarRush. *grins* I liked this for a lot of reasons, but most especially, I did like the Lex and Jonathan convo. I'd love to see more fic tackle the fact they were both seduced (how much on Jonathan's part is in question) by the same woman. Fascinating stuff.

The Push and the Pull by dammitcarl aka jessica. God, I love these stories. And this one especially, with all those little moments of dating and how far to go. *sighs blissfully* She totally makes me endlessly happy. All the time.

Secret Santa, Or, Thank You Arthur Porges by Teaphile. *grins* The cuteness knows no bounds. I loved it. Just loved the idea of it! Lex in the Secret Santa and his creativity, and the gifts were excellent ideas. A really fun story to read.


Yesterday, I mentioned the numbing benefits of whiskey on one's inner mouth. Which really had a story attached, but it's boring as hell, and involves my new driving philosophy slightly, since I was coming back from the store when the Stair Incident occurred.

When I was younger, I was told by my teacher to treat every other driver on the road as if they were an idiot and you were the only sane one, and that would keep you out of wrecks. This didn't work too well, as one car and a couple of trashcans have taught me. I have a slightly different method now. I believe when I drive, everyone is Indy 500 quality and out to kill me if possible. No, wait. I get more insane. This has led to some unusual driving choices recently, including a short and unmemorable dive into shoulder of the road, almost hitting a barbed wire fence where a cow watched me.

See, I don't drive much, becaues of that entire lack of license issue and my natural inability to believe that at some point, I am not going to hit something. When I do, I totally convince myself that on the road is someone who wants me dead and will stop at nothing to crash into me. It's WEIRD, but there it is.

Better, it works. I have not gotten an accident since I've embraced the kill jenn conspiracy theory.

I've just pretty much proven I should be somewhere padded writing in crayon, haven't I? *sighs*

I bought oragel, so my adventures in the waste of Wild Turkey no longer continue. I've made in the last ten days six different batches of cookie bars. They were very good.

And some interesting links to rec, since I was pointed these out and they are some EXCELLENT reading on fanfic as art.

The Advantages of Fanfiction as an Art Form and The Advantages of Fanfiction as an Erotic Art Form, both by the X-Files fanfic author Jane Mortimer. Fascinating stuff. Since I hadn't run across them before, I was thrilled. *grins* I'm always willing to be convinced I'm an artist. There is art in the way I get them naked, dammit.

Now, if only I can get liviapenn to write that Jonathan Kent essay....

I've been awake far, far too long now. This actually may qualify as the most pointless yet bizarre LJ entry I've ever made.
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