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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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a must-read
Link snitched from wrenlet.

Colors in the Dark (To the Choir), by C.M. Decarnin.

What wrenlet said about it:

a lovely, erudite, roll-around-in-the-pretty-pretty-words comparison of slash to the phenomenon of "women's only" cultures through history. It begs the question, what of men who participate in slash? And I think that's a valid query... but when you get right down to it, women built this, and I don't believe acknowledging that fact pushes slash-loving men aside.

"Who built that building?" "Women." "Who lives there now?" "Anyone who wants to."

She knows how to summarize. Go read.

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Thank you for the link. :)

It's a fabulous little piece of writing. *grins*

Hi -

OK, nothing at all to do with this link (although I'm looking forward to reading it, I love dissecting the cultural context of slash just like I love reading it) but I just wanted to ask if it would be OK to friend you.

You were one of the first SV writers I discovered when I started lurking forever ago. I think it was when you were still in SV and just getting into QaF? Anyway, I absolutely fell in love with your fiction. And your posts are always fun, too . . . i'm basically a loyal minion. Who's hoping it's OK to friend you. (And who's very excited to see you starting to watch/write a little SV again).

*grins* Thank you so much! And sure, friend away! *hugs*

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