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So. Bought my ticket. Yep. I am committed to going to slumberparty04. So, you know, if no one else shows up? I will be trapped alone in teh hotel for five days. That would be so sad. Unless they have room service. That would be okay.

Comfort Fic

When I'm unhappy, bitter, or just tired of things, I write some insanely bad humor stories and read. The story in quesiton is seven pages and every time I look at it, I think, at my age, it potty humor should not amuse me so much when I write it.

The comfort stories are considerably longer and considerably better.

Groundwork by lanning I always think this and Alliance are my favorite, then I think of the others and think they are too. But the entire series is comfort fic. Safe, happy, warm, adventurous, sexy comfort fic.


A Nice, Friendly Game. Seven days of isolation for Clark and Lex. Whatever will they do?

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