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children of dune - leto 1
So. Bought my ticket. Yep. I am committed to going to slumberparty04. So, you know, if no one else shows up? I will be trapped alone in teh hotel for five days. That would be so sad. Unless they have room service. That would be okay.

Comfort Fic

When I'm unhappy, bitter, or just tired of things, I write some insanely bad humor stories and read. The story in quesiton is seven pages and every time I look at it, I think, at my age, it potty humor should not amuse me so much when I write it.

The comfort stories are considerably longer and considerably better.

Groundwork by lanning I always think this and Alliance are my favorite, then I think of the others and think they are too. But the entire series is comfort fic. Safe, happy, warm, adventurous, sexy comfort fic.


A Nice, Friendly Game. Seven days of isolation for Clark and Lex. Whatever will they do?


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I am going to buy mine, honest! Only, Josselin said something about a shuttle from airport to hotel and I need to know 'bout that... because I'm likely flying out eaaaaaaarlyOMGit'searly Friday morning. (Greg has to take me to the airport before Donovan wakes up and he goes to work.)

Also, is cool to stay over Sunday night, right??

There is shuttle service, but from what the reservationist there told me, we need to arrange it for groups. So as soon as everyone knows they're flights, I'll make the call to find out exactly what times are appropriate, if they're doing specific-time pick-ups, or if we're just supposed to wait for a certain number of people to show.

We will *so* not leave you languishing alone at the airport! The horror! And also, the boredom.

*wriggle* I've done it. I'm getting into La Guardia at noon Friday, leaving from La Guardia at 4:30 Monday. AAAAAAAHHHH!

Don't worry! I'm definitely coming, and I'm bringing a laptop full of porn with me, so even if it's just us, we'll have plenty to do!

Yay for slumber party!

Whee! We will have laptop porn!

I'm feeling the spirit. And well, the panic, too.

I will be there. I will bring liquor. ::waves party flag::

*grins* I love how everyone is apprortioning up the necessary supplies. The porn, the liquor--hmm. Should I bring the dancing midget strippers?


*laughing* Okay, I will buy my ticket tonight, and that way even if all these people are just messing with us, we'll surely find some male stripping show to enjoy and get really hammered in the hotel.

Go team us!

Should I bring the dancing midget strippers?

Well, someone has to.

I bought my plane ticket last week. I am flying into Baltimore on that Thursday to meet silverscreengal. Then she and I are driving into NYC on Friday from Salisbury. I'm still a little unclear on what else we need to do. Should we be sending money somewhere for our room? Or do we take care of that when we arrive?

We're taking payments up to October first for the rooms. The exact amounts and details per person are here. We're definitely going at four people a room at the current line up. svmadelyn set up a paypal account that can be used, or if you don't use that, checks or money orders can be sent to me, and I can either snail mail or email you your reciept.

She'll be sending out emails to everyone as well as posting in the LJ either tonight or tomorrow, since pretty much everything else is organized to death. *grins* We get to start pre-party-panic now.

looks like you will have plenty of company and don't forget that i live in the city and am currently refusing to look for work or do anything resourceful. so i will have loads of time to harass you while you are here. also want to say that i love your for your sv recs and if i wasn't blithering to astolat about her wonderful work, i will have missed your updates and wow. just wow. you have flawless taste. floves.

*laugsh* Thanks! I need to update again soon. I have a growing list of stories that's getting out of hand *fast*.

*loves astolat too*

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