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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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message to josselin
children of dune - leto 1
You know, josselin, I do have that conversation saved.

*whistling quietly*

Also, my mood hasn't improved, but pettiness can only annoy me so long before I just stop giving a damn. My zen place involves chocolate chip cookies and josselin telling the fairy tale of Michael, Ben, and the Epic Crustacean Love. You should ask her about it. No, really.

I'm going to find silver linings if it requires surgery.

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YOU are the one holding them back from finding fulfillment.

Seriously. That end scene with one tiny claw waving over the water--WHY? WHY WON'T YOU DO THIS?

So...there's something appealing about the giant lobster thing. But don't you think it would be more tragic if Ben like, shrunk as he was turning into a lobster, so that by the final scene he's just a tiny little thing scuttling across the sand? Picture the angst potential.

There still should be semi-angsty lobsterman smut. but the police chase near the end is a great touch. Did we ever work out why they were being chased?

Um...kidnapping? 'Cause they stole lobster!Ben from the hospital, where they were trying to do cruel experiments on him in the name of science.

That is so meaningful. And you are right, Brian would never have Ben as an entree.

*sighs* Theirloveissointerspeciesanddoomedtobeingpartedbythesea.

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