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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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another pointless post
children of dune - leto 1
Dad came through shoulder surgery just fine. It was simple, outpatient, leave three hours after done surgery. This did not worry me at all. So. Life good. Per usual.

To entertain myself, however, created a section for ficlets on my webpage--basically, my diaryland porn and a couple of LJ ficlets, none of which actually qualify as stories on their own.

Also, a lot of blowjobs going on there.

Anyway, ficlets. Nothing new, nothing that hasn't been in LJ or diaryland, dating from roughly mid season one to vague season three-ish. As I run across others, I'll add them if I still like them.

Honestly? Am just unreasonably fond of The Farther Shore. I have no idea why, except Lex drunk is a *good thing*.

Yep. Pointlessness. And video downloading. Lots of that.

New icon courtesey of svmadelyn, who rocks with the prettyness. Oh yes.

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I sense a woman on the verge of broadband connection. Also - you know- once you have BB, downloading eps is ridiculously easy. Like scary simple. Of just about anything...


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