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Backdated entry from diaryland.

Added: 8/31/2004



SHIFT.perspective by Te. Chloe. Lex. Clark.

Need I say more? I think not.

Maternal Instincts by Laura Shapiro. Hmm. I don't want ot give this one away. Martha at her new job.

In the Pumpkin Patch by Victoria P. Awww! Cute, sweet CLex schmoop! Happy happy happy! And cute. Did I mention happy?

Go Vic!



Well, there was an episode. I could have done a lot of things while it was on--clean my fingernails, hang out with Calgon, dream of pretty naked boys. These things did not happen because I was watching the show.

But oh well.

Lana was stalked! No! By a guy! No! Who was in love with her! No! He turned out to be a MotW! No! Clark was jealous! No! The MotW ended up in the hospital and Clark and Lana bonded at the end! No!

Oh, right. I've seen this episode before. Several times, come to think. Hmm.

There were some fun points.

Clark being jealous and muttering things about stalkers. Oh go SuperHypocrite. Endear yourself to us more. Lex quoted poetry. It was sexy. The wrongess of the circumstances cannot be enough emphasized. That was Lexana chemistry. Again, the wrongness.

*sighs* And I was LIKING Lexana as my guilty pleasure pairing! *pushes aside* Oh well. Bye bye.

After the reflexive blank horror has passed, I'm sure I'll be fine.

A few things to ponder.

Ole Byron's been locked up in the basement for awhile. He fell in love with Lana HOW again? Because they've NEVER MET before Lana does her best impression of The Creepiest Girl Ever To Live and falls asleep on her parents' grave. One meeting, in which Clark knocks Byron out, and she's all in the zone of 'he's my friend lalala and I want to help him!'.

My God, kids. You people move FAST. Me, I try for more than, say, a five minute conversation before I feel the need to declare undying friendship.

Martha and Lionel work well together. I hope they get more time. The cute creepiness is just addictive. Maybe this will be my new guilty pairing.

Chloe was snarky. And being cut out of the loop. I like this not.

Not enough Lex. This may be a refrain you hear often.

Pete, while being thrown through the air by the MotW, was captured by the deus ex machina fairies, who gently broke the windshield of the car and lowered him inside, leaving him almost completely unharmed except for an unrelated hairline fracture to the arm.

Oh, hold on, that didn't happen, did it? If anyone has a better explanation, I'm perfectly willing to hear how one gets thrown THAT far THROUGH A WINDSHIELD and manages not to actually hurt the part of the body used as a battering ram.

Lex is looking more and more wired. If he's not drinking himself to sleep every night, I'm surprised. Also? Fun jealousy over Lionel's thing with the Kents. Poor baby. *hugs* Go evil already and kill him, Lex. You'll feel better. You really, really will. Promise.

Jonathan--I expected platitudes and bitching about Luthors from you. Okay? You've had a year and a half telling us how bad Lex is because of his father. His father is HERE! HERE HERE HERE! Where the HELL is your righteous rage? I was ready for Armageddon! The Platitude to end ALL Platitudes. WHERE WAS IT?

*pets Lex* See, it wasn't ever about your daddy, Lex. It was about pretty boys and subtextual porn. And we all knew this, didn't we?

Arg. Boring. It wasn't a bad episode, but there was very little in there in the way of actual entertainment for me personally. But again, keep in mind, all roads lead to Lex for me.

In it's favor:

Martha and Lionel's scenes sparkled gorgeously. Martha kicks ass dressed up. Lex and Lionel at mini-war is ever so fun, but again, I'm worrying about Lex's liver at this point. A piano was played, which always makes me happy. Two entire scenes of CLex, in which both were distracted about other things.


That is all.

Check Eat Crow for something more in the way of interesting.

You know, I am being far, far too hard on this episode. I'll get over it. Just. Gah.

So very tired of Lana. Let's have a RedClark sequel!



Oh, right. Made this. Gave it to Val.

Adobe is crack.

Also made a page at my site for adventures in icons, because really, it's not like I don't have enough to do.

Someone cheer me up? Please? Pretty porn would be nice. *smiles winningly* Please please please?

jenn, morose
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