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Family stuff, so my second Tuesday home, and you'd think I wouldn't be as bored as I am. Yet strangely, I am.

I have this entire folder of SV vids--every time one was recced on my friendslist over the last year, I downloaded, thinking, you know, when I feel like watching the episodes again and the really unhealthy fascination with Red!Clark faded, I'll see what's up there.

And then I put it off all summer, thinking, you know, I shall wait so I don't get *spoiled*, which, laugh if you will, *you* try prying information out of svmadelyn "see it yourself". *grinds teeth* I'm setting my damn dvr, happy? It's a month until the new season, I can get the last three or four eps of last season, which will bring me up to a grand total of eight watched for the season. That's almost depressing.

But. I'm slowly and thoroughly losing my mind trying to download Luminosity's two vids, because my internet connection hates me more than I hate it and dial-up is evil. And f1renze and kitkatbye spoiled me badly with all that beautful DivX (damm you both, I'm obsessively watching that CD. My God, the *pretty*. And the screen size. Oh yes. I am *blissed*). So, to guard against encroaching insanity, I opened up sisabet's vid and shalott's Drop Dead Gorgeous and.

Well. Oh dear God, those are *good*.

Here are things I didn't know.

I lost my nerve watching the *spoilers* for Lex's little trip to Belle Reve. I had someone *narrate* the episode to me online, because there are a few basic things I can deal with. I can maim Lex myself, and I can drive him crazy, and trust me, I enjoy it heartily, but I cannot *cannot* watch it happen on my television in front of me.

There is a difference between textual narration and watching Lex electrocuted from several angles set to Placebo, 'kay? Who knew? *sighs*

So. Those two eps scare me. Or is it three? Please don't tell me it's three.

I've heard Lana dies several times, though. That sounds promising. I mean, she's still *alive* and all, but still.

*sighs* I'm going go rework my nerve. If I can watch Lex be shot, I can watch him being drugged into insanity. I *can*.

Anyway, just from sheer curiosity, anyone have vid recs?

*edited to correct lj name and to add: Lex with a gun? Still #1 Kink of all time. I'm so glad the show indulges this.
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