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finding my happy place

So I was wrong. I can get excited. I think--*think*--I'm at the halfway point.

So. The Yard. 57,746 at completed Part I and Interrum. Sent to betas.

*deep breath and stares at blank page for Part II*

Yes. Let's see if it can take less than seventeen months to get the rest of it out.

*stares at blank page*

Thought. What do you do when you get stuck and/or come to a resting place? svmadelyn sent me music--and by the way, chica, this song is probably going to burn me through at least a few more thousand words easily, I can't turn it *off*--and sometimes, I watch vids, or even do such nonfannish things as crochet and hunt down apricot tea.

I'm curious. Anyone willing to spill?

Using my battle snail icon. He just looks mean.
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