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finding my happy place
children of dune - leto 1
So I was wrong. I can get excited. I think--*think*--I'm at the halfway point.

So. The Yard. 57,746 at completed Part I and Interrum. Sent to betas.

*deep breath and stares at blank page for Part II*

Yes. Let's see if it can take less than seventeen months to get the rest of it out.

*stares at blank page*

Thought. What do you do when you get stuck and/or come to a resting place? svmadelyn sent me music--and by the way, chica, this song is probably going to burn me through at least a few more thousand words easily, I can't turn it *off*--and sometimes, I watch vids, or even do such nonfannish things as crochet and hunt down apricot tea.

I'm curious. Anyone willing to spill?

Using my battle snail icon. He just looks mean.

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The YARD!!!1!!111!!!!

Even if I have to wait another mumpty-mumph months, it'll be worth it.

Re: The YARD!!!1!!111!!!!

I wish I had your faith. Every time I look at it, Im' convinced I've forgotten some key plot point that's going to be obvious to anyone who reads it.

But thanks. As soon as it's done, I'm going to just--I don't know what yet. Something crazy. Like get a tattoo based on Slod's cover for it, maybe. *grins*

I talk about it to other people until they threaten me with boily harm if I don't shaddup and write it.

Works quite well. *g*

*hee* Yes, that works too.

I likes. I need to go assualt Madelyn again.

If I'm stuck, I will usually either listen to the soundtrack I've compiled for the story, compile a soundtrack if I haven't already, or go back to the source, specifically any episodes/scenes I'm drawing from for what I'm writing. I also often wash dishes, go swimming, take a shower, or take a bath, because water is incredibly inspiring for me.

If I'm at a resting place, i. e. I know what comes next and even have the words for it, I just need to take a bit of a mental break, then I usually read LJ or answer a few comments, but again while listening to the soundtrack I compiled.

See, I have music I listen to during writing, but i'm not sure it's a *soundtrack*, at least, not in my more recent stories. Some don't match the mood of the story at all, I just like the song.


Well, I call it a soundtrack, but that really includes songs I think match the story, songs that suit the characters, and general songs that just inspire me to write. Usually, at least one of the first two types of songs becomes the third for the duration of the story, but I do have my songs that I pretty much listen to whenever I'm stuck, regardless of the story I'm working on.

I did forget to mention one other thing I sometimes do, though. Which is turn off the computer and go to the beach. *G* Or turn off the computer and play a little PS2, if the beach option is unavailable for some reason.

Not that I'm a writer, but when the bug gets me and I subsequently get stuck, I do very similar stuff.

First, I'll usually get away from the computer (if that's what I'm using) and stare at paper. Maybe I'm old school, but I sometimes prefer it. Then I will literally stare at it until I have to write something on the paper. Even if it's the worst crap ever and I know it, I write it down anyway. Usually this something doesn't even wind up in whatever I'm writing, but it gets something on the paper that gets my brain thinking.

I'll go back and reread what I've already done, and I'll think about where I'm going. A lot of times I'll skip around and write parts of the story that come later, and that gets me thinking about how I got there so I can go back and fill in the gaps.

If that doesn't work, I go for the water. I do my best thinking in the shower or the pool. If the weather is cooperating, I go for a walk in the rain.

Something else that occasionally works is just dropping the whole thing for a little bit. Do something completely mindless or completely absorbing and get my mind off the subject. That way, when I go back to it, I have some distance from it and a fresh look at what's there.

Thought. What do you do when you get stuck and/or come to a resting place?

Stop writing?

*thinks* Um, actually, that is what I do. If I'm totally stuck, I let it fester and don't push too hard. Generally, I tend to write something short (100-2000 words) just to get something done and finished, and then the ideas come back.

Other times, I hammer it out with celli on AIM. I start whining about how I want it to do this, and she works her muse-magic and I find I'm writing over AIM and am suddenly halfway through the next scene, with ideas about where I want to go from there.

I am so glad to hear this :):)


about Stumble and fall...


What do you do when you get stuck and/or come to a resting place?

Many things. Sometimes I start another fic so that I don't get stuck permanently - just something silly that I'll never show anyone, but that I feel like writing. Usually though, I read. Doesn't matter what fandom (though I often feel like taking a break from whichever one I'm stuck with), but it has to be really really bad fic. Like, complete Mary Sue. Because then you scoff to yourself, Self, you can do way better than this person. So you go back and you do ^_^

No one believes that's the reason I have fanfiction.net bookmarked though :(

That's what works for me, though. It might be something completely difference for you :)

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