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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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thanks, thanks, thanks!
To f1renze and kitkatbyte:

*huge hugs* THANK YOU! I mean--wow. I promise, comprehensible feedback or at least, a page of random squeeing, when I've watched all the way through.

But seriously, *thank you*. This is fabulous and is so saving my sanity watching dial-up. I mean--wow. Just wow.

*huge, happy hugs* You also get my cookie icon.

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YAY! I was wondering when it was going to arrive. Just one thing to note: The menu prefers you to punch the number key(s) on your remote. So just hit 1 and select/enter to play all the way, etc.

Enjoy! *hugsback*

*curls up in your lap* Thank you so much, again. It's like an overload of really *good* candy.


Heehe. YAY, you got it! It's always fun to watch vids on a TV for a change, and I'm so glad you can see ours that way. Enjoy!

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