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updates from armchair olympics, take two

Edit: My apologies. I completely forgot the time delay. Thanks for telling me.

OMG svmadelyn, where are you so I can squee? WHERE ARE YOU?????

Here is me, this time sans child, so no worries about scaring him.

:::balance beam:::

Commentators in dour voices: This is by far the most difficult dismount--

Me: Please be quiet or you will make her fall.

Commentators: Blah blah blah

Me: Stick the landing, stick it stick it STICK IT RIGH THERE DAMMIT YES! YES! YES!

:::floor exercise:::

:::satellite goes out:::

:::foams at mouth:::

:::comes on just in time to watch Carly Peterson:::

Me: Breathe. SHUT UP COMMENTATORS! Oh God, don't take a step don't take a step, don't trip, oooh---yes! YES! DON'T GO OUT OF BOUNDS FOR THE LOVE OF GOD--YES!


Second time an American woman won. I. Am. So. Thrilled.

*happy place* She gets my happy cookie icon.
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