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The Toybox

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updates from armchair olympics, take two
Edit: My apologies. I completely forgot the time delay. Thanks for telling me.

OMG svmadelyn, where are you so I can squee? WHERE ARE YOU?????

Here is me, this time sans child, so no worries about scaring him.

:::balance beam:::

Commentators in dour voices: This is by far the most difficult dismount--

Me: Please be quiet or you will make her fall.

Commentators: Blah blah blah

Me: Stick the landing, stick it stick it STICK IT RIGH THERE DAMMIT YES! YES! YES!

:::floor exercise:::

:::satellite goes out:::

:::foams at mouth:::

:::comes on just in time to watch Carly Peterson:::

Me: Breathe. SHUT UP COMMENTATORS! Oh God, don't take a step don't take a step, don't trip, oooh---yes! YES! DON'T GO OUT OF BOUNDS FOR THE LOVE OF GOD--YES!


Second time an American woman won. I. Am. So. Thrilled.

*happy place* She gets my happy cookie icon.

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I was exactly the same way, down to the crying! And I really hated the chick that won the silver. The obnoxious way she tried to look like she was happy with the silver when she was on the podium when you knew she wanted to poke Carly in the eye with that weird bouquet thing. She creeped me out.

I had to go for the paper towels so I wouldn't start sniffling all over myself!

*still warm glowy-ness* That was just damn cool.

It really, really was. Did you watch the swimming then, too? Cos how much do I love Phelps's lisp?!? He has such the Hapsburg chin.

It was just so awesome to watch Carly win gold. And wasn't it so cool to watch her coach and Marta Karolyi go crazy when it became official. I was so happy for all of them. Both Paul Hamm and Carly Patterson deserve to be called Olympic champions.

*nods and wipes at eyes* You could just see it--the sheer joy. It was amazing. Marta Karolyi was about to start hopping, I swear.

I'm still just goggling at it all.

I love watching the gymnastics. I don't really care who wins - Australia hardly ever makes the finals - but I like watching them anyways. :)

*nod* It's amazing. I can't even *walk* on a balance beam. Watching people do *flips*--*shakes head* Amazing.

Though my favorite is the uneven bars, I think. IT's just so cool.

Ooh, I like the floor. I'm all, I could walk on that floor, but they're bouncing around and flipping through the air, it's just amazing.

But uneven bars are worthy of awe and respect too *g*

Uh. Not to kill the mood, but ... spoilers for those of us on the west coast who are trying to make it to midnight.

Thank you for the cut! xoxo

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