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The Toybox

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children of dune - leto 1
...it only just occurred to me that the QaF fandom has been around four years and yet, we have no Apocalyptic Cannibal!Fic. Or even non-apocalyptic cannibal fic.

I find this so sad.

I should make a list of these often-overlooked, worthy plotlines.

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Ah, but see. They were merely waiting for you, since apocalypses are your thing.

*makes mental note to bring lots of snacks to SV sleepover; I'm definately going to try to come. wish I could be more definate about it!*

I have spaghetti arms - no, I mean skinny, skinny arms! Very stringy! *giggles*


Recast Ravenous. Brian would so be the Robert Carlyle character who found a way to retain his youth and animal vigor and was trying to corrupt poor Justin (Guy Pearce) into the way of rampant bloody consumerism and homoerotic lust.

Genius. Of course, now I need to go rent Ravenous :D

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