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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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bitter bitter bitter
poor me
Okay, must every night have something weird happening? My LJ magically logs me out in the middle of opening a window and okay.


The sad part is, I thought this was in reference to sheep. But no, it wasn't.

Did I miss the part of the show where there *was* an actual kerfluffle (sp?), because all I'm seeing is post-kerfluffle reaction bitterness there. I miss things. Obviously, there is a massive QaF friendslocked clique that is having all the flamewars and not letting me play. Huge. Elitist whores. I'm blaming ragingpixie on principle for this massive exclusion. And burnitbackwards, because they're not writing smut *right now*.

I am going to go sulk now.

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don't blame me, dude. i'm locked out of the community too. in fact, the rant on the bio page is probably directed at me. :))

will post fic monday, shh.


I'm beginning to understand the addiction to the capslock. It used to annoy me. Now it annoys me and intrigues me equally. It's like shouting, but without the annoyance of actual expended energy.

don't blame me, dude. i'm locked out of the community too. in fact, the rant on the bio page is probably directed at me. :))

You are trying to throw me off the scent, I can feel it.

Also, you weren't one of the messages that popped up in YM asking to friend/buddy/whatevr me, are you? I seem to not be up with teh correct way to use this thing, as I have managed to get *one* buddy and yet answered a spurt of requests to be added without, y'know, adding *back*. Or seeing who asked, for that matter.

I'm becoming a Luddite. I keep staring at this thing distrustfully every time it does something I don't know. Don't even *ask* how long it took me to turn the sound off. It's depressing.


I did not know you were YM! Give me your SN and I will add.


It looks to be seperis.

You know, ICQ and IRC didn't worry me this much.

*frowns at program* Do what I want, dammit!

I checked the profile on that community, and it shows you as a member. They must WANT you to play.

Have fun and enjoy the kerfuffle! I'm so out of the loop *hangs head*.

*sniffles* At least *someone* likes me.

*wipes nose, looks brave*

*snickers* I can't be the only finding this an amusing karmic taunt after you joked about a super elitist rec comm...

Or, you know, maybe I am the only one amused. My sense of humour's weird like that. *g*

nonchop said the same damn thing! Her very next words were "you didn't start it, did you?"

*facepalms* Me. Petard. Hoisted.

I was in, but I left. Too much bad blood :D

I also thought it was a reference to sheep! Alas, it was not :-<

Seriously! Flock! It's sheep thoughts!

Maybe I need to be on LJ longer to get the obvious reason.


Don't ask me, I'm trying to write uniform smut. And code drabbles. But mostly, I only seem to be succeeding at reading manga.

Code drabbles?

Don't you *owe* me fic?


I owe everybody fic. Hence the whole trying to write uniform smut.

Drabbles. Evil little beasties that breed in the dark of my hard drive, all of which, along with their unholy offspring, need to somehow end up on my website. At the moment, the somehow seems to involve me coding pages. I'm looking into the possibilities of some kind of deal with the devil to have someone else do it.

Which is how I ended up owing everybody fic in the first place, but let it not be said I am not relentless in my laziness.

*blinks* Wait... creates journal with eeeeeevil mission, gets noticed, notices noticing and... locks posts and completely backs down. In less than 24 hours.

QaF kerfuffles will never compete at the professional, HP-level. No stamina, man.

It posted an unlocked entry! There's still life in it yet.

We do have lousy kerfuffles. And I see, no first l in kerfuffles. I really want that l. I have no idea why.

Yeeeeah, I saw that. Isn't there already fanfic hate and fandom hate stuff? I seem to recall a QaF-specific hate comm that was pretty damn lame.

And I see, no first l in kerfuffles. I really want that l.

Me too, possibly for the middle "fluff." 'Cause mostly? Fandom flames are all fluff and nonsense ;)

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