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Event One

I cannot think of a damn thing to do to my website that I haven't done. I actually can't remmeber past the last two times I redid it, but damned if I cannot think of *one* layout. Anyone have any ideas or want to make a suggestion? I'm so bored with the one I have it's pathetic, but I can't think of anything else that won't bore me more.

That's just so sad.

*hates on website mightily*

Event Two

svmadelyn and I felt pretentious. And also, banned rageprufrock. Tha was just for fun.

**Madelyn says, you know, this has no context! Sooo....


svmadelyn: is it that?
seperis: *eg* We should do one for fanfiction.
Madelyn: *dies*
Madelyn: how would we accomplish such a feat?
Madelyn: We just--list titles at random?
Madelyn: and then be like, well, no-go? just to vary it up?
Jenn: *Grins* We'd make people apply then defend their choice.
Jenn: But I want my name to be an auto-ban.
Madelyn: So it'd be like--Applicant1: So I really like Gladly Beyond by Je-- Mods: BANNED MOFO BANNED. ??
Jenn: *g* Yes.
Madelyn: it'd be amusing.
Jenn: Lessee. Random reasons to autoban--Jenn, Te, RivkaT, Kel, Cassie Claire, Ivyblossom, Pru, Nifra, Rhiannon, Juteux, and um, hmm, Yahtzee.
Madelyn: and if the title has something about memories--or any permutation there of. such as memoirs, for example. anything that in a thesaurus relates to memories.
Jenn: *grins*
Madelyn: or, if they don't capitalize properly.
Madelyn: that annoys me.
Madelyn: *gets elitist and tyrannical*
Madelyn: see, I don't need sound reasoning.
Madelyn: I just need blind hate.
Jenn: I like it.
Madelyn: I knew you would.
Madelyn: can we ban numbers too?
Madelyn: *curious*
Jenn: Ooh. How about just even ones?
Madelyn: *claps* and fractions.
Madelyn: decimals will be simply frowned upon
Madelyn: but not an auto-ban.
Jenn: *nod* I likes.
Jenn: And starting with a preposition.
Madelyn: Oooooooh.
Madelyn: Nice.
Jenn: *nods smugly*
Madelyn: If it has eight words in the title?
Madelyn: So gone.
Madelyn: I worry about us.
Madelyn: Sometimes.
Jenn: We are so elite.
Madelyn: *snorts on sundrop*
Jenn: I just banned prufrock
Madelyn: *rock*
Madelyn: I'm still giggling over the graphics.
Madelyn: we could have stick figure graphics
Madelyn: ones that give people the finger when they get banned
Madelyn: and the thumbs up and a big squiggly line for a smile if they made it through our hoops o'doom
Jenn: *g*

Jenn: I want to ban for using the letter z
Madelyn: Well, z is a rarity.
Madelyn: It'd be cruel to ban for any vowel though.
Jenn:'d think so.
Madelyn: so does that mean that we're doing it?
Madelyn: *cautiously hopeful*
Madelyn: wow. that'd just make it impossible
Madelyn: for anyone to get approved
Madelyn: and we'd remain a group of two
Madelyn: forever and ever.
Jenn: *grins* We need more random elitists.
Madelyn: i say we write down all 26 letters
Madelyn: put them in a hat
Madelyn: pull out six or seven
Madelyn: and find a name that comes close enough to match all the letters somewhere in LJ land.
Madelyn: they don't have to be a slasher or even able to read english
Madelyn: so long as they match the letters.
Jenn: *grins*
Madelyn: I think that's like, the best. plan. ever.
Madelyn: random elitists
Madelyn: who may or may not read fic
Madelyn: and we'll be like, hey, here's an archive
Madelyn: pick titles at random
Madelyn: that you hate
Madelyn: and if they get named,
Madelyn: you get to auto-ban.
Jenn: *grins evilly* I love you.

If someone really loved me, they'd post fic. Something in smut, maybe.

*sighs dramatically*
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