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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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i am way too bored to still be breathing
Event One

I cannot think of a damn thing to do to my website that I haven't done. I actually can't remmeber past the last two times I redid it, but damned if I cannot think of *one* layout. Anyone have any ideas or want to make a suggestion? I'm so bored with the one I have it's pathetic, but I can't think of anything else that won't bore me more.

That's just so sad.

*hates on website mightily*

Event Two

svmadelyn and I felt pretentious. And also, banned rageprufrock. Tha was just for fun.

**Madelyn says, you know, this has no context! Sooo....


svmadelyn: is it that?
seperis: *eg* We should do one for fanfiction.
Madelyn: *dies*
Madelyn: how would we accomplish such a feat?
Madelyn: We just--list titles at random?
Madelyn: and then be like, well, no-go? just to vary it up?
Jenn: *Grins* We'd make people apply then defend their choice.
Jenn: But I want my name to be an auto-ban.
Madelyn: So it'd be like--Applicant1: So I really like Gladly Beyond by Je-- Mods: BANNED MOFO BANNED. ??
Jenn: *g* Yes.
Madelyn: it'd be amusing.
Jenn: Lessee. Random reasons to autoban--Jenn, Te, RivkaT, Kel, Cassie Claire, Ivyblossom, Pru, Nifra, Rhiannon, Juteux, and um, hmm, Yahtzee.
Madelyn: and if the title has something about memories--or any permutation there of. such as memoirs, for example. anything that in a thesaurus relates to memories.
Jenn: *grins*
Madelyn: or, if they don't capitalize properly.
Madelyn: that annoys me.
Madelyn: *gets elitist and tyrannical*
Madelyn: see, I don't need sound reasoning.
Madelyn: I just need blind hate.
Jenn: I like it.
Madelyn: I knew you would.
Madelyn: can we ban numbers too?
Madelyn: *curious*
Jenn: Ooh. How about just even ones?
Madelyn: *claps* and fractions.
Madelyn: decimals will be simply frowned upon
Madelyn: but not an auto-ban.
Jenn: *nod* I likes.
Jenn: And starting with a preposition.
Madelyn: Oooooooh.
Madelyn: Nice.
Jenn: *nods smugly*
Madelyn: If it has eight words in the title?
Madelyn: So gone.
Madelyn: I worry about us.
Madelyn: Sometimes.
Jenn: We are so elite.
Madelyn: *snorts on sundrop*
Jenn: I just banned prufrock
Madelyn: *rock*
Madelyn: I'm still giggling over the graphics.
Madelyn: we could have stick figure graphics
Madelyn: ones that give people the finger when they get banned
Madelyn: and the thumbs up and a big squiggly line for a smile if they made it through our hoops o'doom
Jenn: *g*

Jenn: I want to ban for using the letter z
Madelyn: Well, z is a rarity.
Madelyn: It'd be cruel to ban for any vowel though.
Jenn: ...you'd think so.
Madelyn: so does that mean that we're doing it?
Madelyn: *cautiously hopeful*
Madelyn: wow. that'd just make it impossible
Madelyn: for anyone to get approved
Madelyn: and we'd remain a group of two
Madelyn: forever and ever.
Jenn: *grins* We need more random elitists.
Madelyn: i say we write down all 26 letters
Madelyn: put them in a hat
Madelyn: pull out six or seven
Madelyn: and find a name that comes close enough to match all the letters somewhere in LJ land.
Madelyn: they don't have to be a slasher or even able to read english
Madelyn: so long as they match the letters.
Jenn: *grins*
Madelyn: I think that's like, the best. plan. ever.
Madelyn: random elitists
Madelyn: who may or may not read fic
Madelyn: and we'll be like, hey, here's an archive
Madelyn: pick titles at random
Madelyn: that you hate
Madelyn: and if they get named,
Madelyn: you get to auto-ban.
Jenn: *grins evilly* I love you.

If someone really loved me, they'd post fic. Something in smut, maybe.

*sighs dramatically*

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...If you guys had that?

I would totally apply for membership.

I might even repeatedly flame you after my inevitable rejection.



You like us. We find that suspicious and you are pandering. YOU ARE BANNED! Madelyn, where are our banned pictures??????

*works furiously*

My mad skillz were *made* for this, baby.


You are so totally biased against forest creatures.


love me.

*considers* We like the groveling. It pleases us. Tell us how cool we are and we may think more.

*perks up obediently*

Dude, you're both so cool. So cool that I don't even have words to express your coolness. It's like... it's a cool that defies words, to be honest. A wordless cool of cooldom.

And you have good taste in fanfic. And icons. And, um, clothing. Your shirt is very very attractive. Both of your shirts.

*nods fervently*

We accept donations. We don't call them bribes, either, because they really aren't anything like that. Or pay-offs. Or extortion. Not in this elitist sphere of holy rightness.

*taps foot*

*fumbles for wallet*

Would you accept a pound of flesh? Or drabbles?

*searches in vain for exchange rates on these things*

If someone really loved me, they'd post fic. Something in smut, maybe.

BIBW needs to stop getting laid and beta chapter 4. Then I can post.

That is probably the scariest sentence I've ever read.

Fangirls are *allowed* to get laid? I didn't know that!

*ponders* They never mentioned that at Slasher Orientation. I should write a firmly worded letter on the subject.

Kick her! Or we could do group-firmly-worded-email....

Well, you obviously haven't been reading your hate posts. No slasher has ever gotten laid. We're all five-hundred-year-old virgins with bulbous acne and knock knees.

No slasher has ever gotten laid.

We haven't? Ever?

Boy, have I been writing the sex wrong.

Why didn't anyone tell meeeeeeee?

Nope, never. All of us are actually heterosexual, even if we have girlfriends, and we secretly yearn to be pregnant. While the people who read our writing are not pathetic, the fact that we are writing it instead of being pregnant or not fucking the opposite sex (but wanting to!) makes us hateworthy.

My knees *so* do not knock. They gently rap.

As of someone gently tapping, tapping at your chamber door?

of things to do...

you could make *cough*jusadbellum* some of those scary WIP-letters go away... *batters eyelids* pretty please?

and if you need motivation, i could always MAKE you do it.



Re: of things to do...

Those letters are *evil*.

EVIL I tell you.

hmm. so if mentioning me earns an autoban, can i still apply as long as i don't mention myself? or does that envoke paradox? er.

hmm. so if mentioning me earns an autoban, can i still apply as long as i don't mention myself? or does that envoke paradox? er.

*eyes glaze over*


*scrambles for The Mindless Rules of Literary Fanfiction*

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