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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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it's been a long day
children of dune - leto 1
There comes a point when one says, okay, I can deal with myself. I *can*. I can face the fact that two of my top three favorite shows are also my son's favorites too.

But seriously, Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends? Loved it. Held off on going to cuddle puppies to make sure Blue came out okay with his kid. So a must-watch. So very much.

Kids Next Door -- still too much fun.

Also, did anyone besides me watch bits of Twelve Days of Terror? It was sharks, therefore, Child glued to screen. Like, several times. And record. Several times.

Jenn: oh dear God this Discovery Channel movie 12 Days?
Jenn: Two so pretty boys. In the old days. All in love. I want to slash a tv movie.
Madelyn: *dies*
Madelyn: Ah, ze slash, it iz everywhere.
Jenn: Yes, one is dying from a shark ripping up his leg.
Madelyn: I don't know why I started with the french accent
Jenn: But the other, his Best Friend Ever?
Madelyn: it seemed appropriate.
Jenn: So very with teh heartbroken cuddling.
Madelyn: *sad* for shark!dude!
Madelyn: awwwww.
Madelyn: don't...bleed....to....death....*cuddles fiercely*
Madelyn: *dabs at eyes*
Jenn: *whimpers* All cuddling, holding hands, crying against his head while he lolls, unconscious, from blood loss.
Madelyn: this does sound kinda intriguing.
Madelyn: does he live?
Madelyn: or do you not know yet?
Jenn: Dunno yet.
Jenn: *worries*
Jenn: Oh the cuddling.
Jenn: And the evil shark.
Madelyn: of course there's an evil shark.
Jenn: This is all about an evil shark, but the boyfriends are a big part.
Madelyn: he's playing spoiler.
Jenn: The one not-bitten is a lifeguard in teh old days.
Madelyn: your love is doomed!
Jenn: The bitten one is a tailor.
Madelyn: i make it so! With my biting.
Jenn: He's all "let me measure you for a suit".
Madelyn: I don't know why I'm laughing. I'm sorry.
Jenn: That is so subtext for "wanna see you naked for a civilized reason".
Jenn: Ooh! They are at the hospital.
svmadelyn: live! Live tailor, live!
Jenn: Well, the train station. Let's see if BF is dead.
Jenn: Oh God. Coffin.
Jenn: Oh, heartbroken look.
Madelyn: ....
Madelyn: nooooooo
Jenn: DAMN.
Jenn: *hates*
Jenn: OH girl. Fiancee of dead guy.
Madelyn: that's just not RIGHT.
Madelyn: He was going to measure him
Jenn: Let's see--chances of them getting together?
Madelyn: for the suit
Jenn: High.
Jenn: Hmm. I can understand.
Madelyn: *sighs sadly*
Jenn: you know, cant' have best friend, so get girl. *nods* Yes, this is--ookay, now everyone is shooting at water now.
Jenn: *blinks slowly*
Jenn: This is supposedly based on a true story.
Madelyn: Well.
Madelyn: That's--I don't know what to say to that.
Madelyn: So, mom, dad, how'd you meet?
Jenn: Yes, those two boys were in love back then.
Madelyn: well, daddy had this best friend/friend
Jenn: *sniffles*
Madelyn: who was bitten by a shark
JenntheMerry: *nods*
Madelyn: and we fell in love after he died
Madelyn: kid: *blinks slowly* Ah.
Madelyn: well--I mean, tailor guy would've wanted other guy to be happy, right?
Jenn: Yes, there's no way to get that one out in any way that's not going to sound weird.


Jenn: Ooh! Alive!Guy just met a guy who trains animals for a lion tamer.
svmadelyn: but--
Jenn: I mean for B and B circus.
Madelyn: he doesn't have the best track record
Madelyn: with animal life
Jenn: Not young or hot.
Jenn: *sad*
Madelyn: *worries*
Jenn: Alive!Guy is named Alex. Good to know.
Madelyn: I like Alive!Guy better. I mean, he's alive and that's of the good.
Madelyn: gives me more of a--mental image here.
Jenn: He is so pretty. Straight dark hair and sad, martyred, heroic dark eyes.,
Jenn: Ooh! Dead!Guy is Stan!
Madelyn: They have names! Now they're closer to my heart.
Madelyn: *giggles*
Jenn: <--need more coffee
Jenn: Wait--last thought on Alive!Boy.
Jenn: *Gorgeous* heartbroken smile.
Jenn: <--now going for more coffee.


It's been super-super busy at work, and busy is happy, or so my mood seems to suggest. Also, we have mysterious puppies. The puppies cometh and play in our yard. There's==five. I think. Also, a mysterious bridled black dog is meandering around, trying to make friends. It's the season for animal dumping, apparently.

And school shopping. *shudders* This is going to be a challenge.

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You didn't tell me that was the movie title. That just makes it funnier, somehow.

*hee* It really does.

But his tragedy! That brave, noble smile!

*wipes away a tear*

Finally! Another parent not ashamed to admit they spend primetime television hours watching Cartoon Network.

And how mad am I that I missed 12 Days. I've been glued to the tv watching King of the Jungle and I kept seeing promos for it. I totally missed it.

But yeah, Kids Next Door is too much fun. And Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends? So good.

Cartoon Network is *addictive*. And some of the Adult Swim. I forgot how much I loved Futurama.

And I will never admit I sit there watching Yu-Gi-Oh, God I can't spell that, having no idea what is going on, but man, I think if I had the cards, I could kick ass by now. That blue-eyed dragon card....

And how mad am I that I missed 12 Days. I've been glued to the tv watching King of the Jungle and I kept seeing promos for it. I totally missed it.

The LOVE! I saw almost none of it, except Tailor!Boy like, I MUST MEASURE YOU FOR A SUIT! and Pretty!Boy like, no, no, and Tailor!Boy is all FOR MY WEDDING OF COURSE, NOT BECAUSE I WANT TO FEEL YOU UP IN A PERFECTLY LEGIT WAY! and Pretty!Boy is all OOH, THAT'S COOL.

I could have been reading things into that, though.

But yeah, Kids Next Door is too much fun. And Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends? So good.

It surprised me how good it was. KND just is hysterical--I keep watching just to work out what the hell is going on. Children Down the Lane just giggle me out. But Foster's was *good*. I want Blue so much. I just do. And the Spanish speaker. He's fun.

*happy place* I'm going to be addicted to Teen Titans *any* day now.

Yu-Gi-Oh cards! My son is obsessed with those cards. The other night he explained to me what all the cards did. It was like listening to a disertation on the most boring subject you can think of. But I swear to you, if I hear some kid talking about a Blue Eyes White Dragon, I will so know which card beats that. And I will shut that kid down.

I really do think some of the best stuff comes from cartoons. I watched The Weekenders all the time, and I swear, whoever wrote for that show was a genius. Those were the wittiest kids in the word.

There should be a warning about how addictive CTN is.

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