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making a mess of my computer

I have been plagued, plagued I tell you, with the slowest performance on a computer I've ever seen. I have disabled themes, backgrounds, etc, and no.

Then I found a magical place.

Acutally, I like it for a lot of reasons, not least of which was the definitions of all the things on taskmanager that drove me crazy. And not only what they do, but if I wil destroy my system if I disable.

It is a happy place.

Also, didn't hurt with the disabling via msc either. That was nice. Explained what it was, what setting it on disable could do, and assured me that that what I did wouldn't disable my computer forever and ever.

See, I'd been using msconfig, which is, well--it kind of should have had a warning saying DON'T YOU FUCKING DARE TOUCH THIS, MORON, because apparently, I could make my computer a mid-range paperweight if I hit the wrong checkbox. Which shows that God loves fools, fangirls, and people who love two tone fudge. I was careful and stayed away from things that had titles like BOOT, but you just can't be too careful.

Also *finally* downloaded WinAmp when I just want to play MP3s, since system resources showed Media Player treating my system resources like a Chinese buffet. I won't even begin to describe the sudden lurch of my system in *not* trying to act like it was in quicksand every time I left Media Player open playing my MP3s. It's so much *faster*.

Attacking Programs Folder

No, not the *real* one. The one on my desktop that I use to hold any freeware/shareware/downloads. I have stuff in there that managed the impossible and crossed over from my HP, Darcy, may the ex-boyfriend who took him without paying never grow his hair out properly. I'm half-scared to delete too much--I still have all of it on a back-up CD from Schindler, the predecessor of current Brian (yes, laugh, hahahahaha), and some of it, for the life of me, I can't figure out what it is. So with all the deletes and deleted adn cleaning over the last month, I'm down to fifteen G out of 37.2 (or so C tells me) so life is good.

Okay. Will work on evil action scene now that is boring me to tears. Everyone is armed and a few are a little trigger happy, one's outright insane, and yet, no bodycount. This is so sad I can't even begin to describe it.

Quick thanks to the three who volunteered to beta for me. Seriously, I am so relieved. svmadelyn kept telling me to find someone before this spun out of my control again, and yes, you were right, don't be smug, sweets.

*hugs to rivkat, lyra_sena and frazzles for being so gracious*
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