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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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remasters! new website! fangirl squeeing!
children of dune - leto 1
I know there's something inherently strange about the fact that the highlight of my weekend came from perusing some LJ that I missed during the horror of not-writing non-chemisty. With dust. I need therapy. And shut-up, Pru. You have squicks. Mine is dust. I deal with it in healthy ways.

It's like--you know, when you hear the words Special Edition, you just have to have it?


Oh please. We're all fangirls here. We buy the original DVD compilation, we buy the Special Edition with new footage! edition, we buy the new special edition, and don't tell me that half of fandom, LOTR writergirls or not, is not drooling for when they release all three movies together in a Super Special Edition, because I will so be first in line. Or possibly second. Because I'm lazy.

So what leaps from my Livejournal pages?

We have just remastered the following vids from DVD:

That's fangirl for Special Edition!!!


Remastered version of You Were the Last High.

Yes! Really!

kitkatbyte and f1renze have just opened up their new domain, www.kitzeproductions.net, and to celebrate, or because God is kind, they re-released remastered editions of Stay, Blank, I Think I Love You, and You Were the Last High.

Thirty MB

I hate dial-up. I'll be downloading all day.

It'll be a good day.

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FYI If you want DiVX versions of any of them, all you gotta do is ask. And(shh) we are almost done making SVCDs for Vividcon, if that sort of thing interests you...

*blinks slowly* There are...there are more?


I need to lie down.

And(shh) we are almost done making SVCDs for Vividcon, if that sort of thing interests you...

I could *tattoo* my interest somewhere. Oh *bounce*.

::hugs you tight::

No one should spend all day downloading a vid. I want to send you our SVCD. Would you e-mail me your address?

And I had to laugh at your icon. Hee.

*blinks* Commando snail? He's my wartime snail, or when I just get cuted out by how adorable he being all secrety beneath the greenery. I couldn't ever find a mean looking snail, unfortunately.

*grins* I was in a snail phase.


I'm *this close* to slow collapse.

Also, I'm at 15% downloaded. Dearest God. Email addy? Or just email me at jenn @ thegateway dot net and I'll email it back to you.


Done. Let me know if you don't get the e-mail. Mine's been *really* funky lately.

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