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Looking For....

I'm staring at this fic, where I have managed, all unknowing, to not have a single ounce of chemistry between my slash pairing of choice.

I didn't even think this was *possible*.

*blinks slowly*

They walk and talk and hug and discuss and Do Things, but so far, they are showing the chemistry and attraction level of Clark versus Lana, and that's just--just--just *indecent*.

I told rageprufrock, may her pillows attack her in her sleep, that it was the dust getting to me. Everything in the story is *dusty*. The chairs, the tables, the clothes, *them*, and who the hell *knew* that dust was a turn-off? Yet it is. The showers suck, they aren't really clean, adn they look all vaguely grey. And I cannot, for the life of me, make them--well. Do anything. At all.

This is tragic. And possibly a violation of my oath as a slash writer.

Okay, real reason for this entry.

I need a beta. The story isn't done. I'm not sure the story is *near* done, but I keep tripping over my fingers in weird ways and I'm juggling a lot of backstory, both that I've written and that I haven't yet. And it's very long. Long enough to the point where I think anyone with sense would refuse to beta if I waited until the end.

Anyway, it's Smallville, Clark/Lex, AU, multi-plot, double pov, past tense. Grammar problems, spelling problems, continuity problems, style problems, plot problems...I could go on, but that would be very sad and really a bad way to convince someone for a favor. A flair for cruelty is a plus. Loving to edit things to pieces is preferred. I'm on AIM as JenntheMerry and yahoo as Seperis, so either will do. Or email at jenn @ thegateway dot net.

Right. Will stop begging now.
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