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Okay, I had a really, really *surreal* day. It's unexplainably odd, since nothing actually happened, mostly, but there you go. *sighs* I don't like normal all that much, but I do like to visit it from time to time. I'm so due for a normal.

In Celebration of Interesting LJ People

Give me a Home, in which sisabet tells us of cows and Clark, and fences, and bison. No, seriously, she makes life so much more interesting just by existing. No, not fic. Just sisabet, making me laugh myself sick.

See, the ideal cow is very complacent and not that active. You want an old girl whose top ambition in life is to stand right *there* and eat. Maybe in the summer, she will want to stand in the pond. This is your ideal cow. Get one that is too smart and she becomes a ring-leader - stirring up trouble and taking the rest of the herd with her. Get one too stupid and she has no survival skills and will walk into a brushrow, get tangled up and break her own neck freaking out. Either way - you are gonna be fixing fences.

LJ as Fandom by sophia_helix. You are seriously missing something *brilliant* if you haven't read this yet. Picked it up off zendom, completely enslaved.

If you're like me, you're seeing a page full of vibrant colors, vibrant images, instantly conveying personalities, tastes, and moods, possibly even matched as well as possible to the posters' journal colors. (You know, if you want to drive yourself crazy trying to do that.) If you continue to emulate me (and really, why wouldn't you? *g*), you're visually hard-wired, so this looks even more vibrant. It takes up more mental space. It stops being The Internet Talking To You About Buffy, and starts being 79 Strangers Talking About Buffy, Stargate, That One Fandom You Hate, And Their Bosses.

She traces the way that LJ has changed us, and how other things will, and seriously, lots of interesting commentary going on here, so read it.

I don't appreciate my LJ friendslist enough. I almost never comment--and that, people, is not because of time, it's because I'm just *that* much of a loser.

The Search For the Ultimate Cookie

Okay, the weirdness is a guy who might be hitting on me. No, wait. Not on *me*. On the person that he thinks I am, because a client recently stated *to him* that she'd dated me.

Okay, that entire sentence is just weird. M and C both agree this *could* his version of pre-proposition, since, and this just scares me, he seems to be into threesomes with his wife and Another Participant.

I don't even know how to process this.

Or he could just be the single most friendly human being on the planet.

I mean--one one hand, what the *hell*, I would *so* never date a client. And the second *what* the hell, because even if I did, why the *hell* would he think I'm into group things with him? And then there's that entire *what the HELL*, because hello, straight here. Then there's the *WHAT THE HELL*, because man, you don't screw around with your superiors or your officemates, which is a Shining Rule of Jenndom. Unless they are beyond deeply hot, and when I say that, I mean, pull up my skirt in a broom closet for them hot, okay? And that is so not happening here.

So now, he's all--well. I can play dumb and oblivious, which trust me, I do it like a natural. That works. I can do the entire "My God, man, keep twenty feet away from me" but that's overreaction, one, and two, it's kind of, I think, a compliment, and and also, he hasn't actually *done* anything. It's just. You know. Huh.

And then there's the fact that he *could* be just a really nice, flirty guy who needs to understand personal space a little better. Most people don't understand personal space, so this isn't a new thing.

Hmm. It's just--very not-something-that-happens-to-me.

I'm off to the beach for the weekend, excitement! And eventually, get to *read* all the stories I bookmarked for future happiness. *happy sigh* Soon. Very, very soon. I need to clean my fingernails or something.

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