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sign-up for slumberparty 2004 in ny
children of dune - leto 1
I'm an idiot, I forgot to post about this last night.

We're doing final sign-up for slumberparty04 here. svmadelyn's outlined a rough possible weekend schedule. Sign-up continues until August 20th. If you live in NY and are interested in coming, but not staying in the hotel for the weekend, let us know. If you have a great idea you want to pass along? Also, feel free. We are All About the Fun and the nailpolish.

For reference on the hotel room rates, click here. These are pretty much solid, as told to me by the chick I reserved the rooms with. Any additions, suggestions, etc, are highly welcomed.

Also, Matt Damon is hot. That's really random, but I was rewatching Bourne Identity today in prep to see Bourne Supremacy, and man. Those *arms*. That *voice*. That way he has of smiling slowly and dearest God. I need to go hunt up icons about him.

*blissed* *blissed with cookies*

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I was rewatching Bourne Identity today in prep to see Bourne Supremacy

Heh. Just did the same thing. *g* Can't wait to see the new flick!

He's--gah. I always *forget*, because he's cute-okay in pictures, but when he's acting, it's like---oooh. *HOT*.

And good, but that's beside the point of this particular drooling fest.

Though it was funny. I was talking about it to my mother, and she sort of tilted her head. "Hot boys and guns--that's all you need, isn't it?"

She knows me *so* well.

Though big explosions don't hurt, either.

Hee! I totally agree that Matt's hotness goes up exponentially when you see him in action.

I thought BI was the perfect mix of action and romance. Good times.

Yeah, I've liked Matt Damon since Good Will Hunting, and always thought he was adorable in a boyish sort of way, but it was the Bourne Identity that got me noticing his utter hotness.

I can't wait to see the sequel - it's getting great reviews.

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