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Beth: So, how big is your neck?

Me: Um, what?

A lot of our conversations start out like this. Well, I mean, no, not like this--I can honestly say this is the first time since South Padre that I felt what one might call a vague stirring of suspicion. But she'll ask this really, really random question and I'll answer, because I'm dumb like that.

Beth: Ballpark. In inches.

Me: Why?

Beth: Just tell me.

Me: I don't think it's friendship if I have to help you kill me. Let me find a tape measure.

The saddest thing is, she could have asked me for the location of a convenient machete and grumbling, I would have gone looking. I have never claimed to be all that bright.

Beth: Well?

Me: Fourteen, fifteen, so I can *breathe* during the strangulation, what are you *doing*?

Beth: Thanks!


But all is well. She sent me jewelry! Pretty, earthtoned reds and golds that are going to be *killer* with that beige suit I just got, and now I'm desperately searching for my shoes to match.

*hugshugshugs* I am totally in rapture. Both sets! And God, just *perfect*. *love you very much* Thank you, honey.

*blissing out on the pretty*

Bitterness and Prostitutes

"Sydney" withdrew her resignation and is back, though from what I understand from Certain Sources, keeping her head on the way down. I'm pleased to see that I can once again have faith that competence is never something that is going to be *wanted*. I tell you, I am one day going to run this agency. It's fated in the stars. I'd make a mess of it, but it would be a glorious mess. Of course, I'm the only one in my class that said if I got too frustrated, I'd just start handing out Medicaid to anyone who walked in my office.

You have to wonder why they keep me on, don't you?

Oddly, the deputy commissioner resigned, though.

Normally, which would be All the Damn Time, I'd giggle, because the HHSC is now the governing body of every social service agency in the state and they are the only group of people I can honestly say between them have all the talent and vision of an actress that took a part in the movie Showgirls. Fortunately, they don't get naked. Please God, let that part continue unabated. The word 'monopoly' comes to mind, headed by Perry's--um, I forgot the right word for this--right. Flunkies. Appointed flunkies, even. Well-paid appointed flunkies. I want to be a flunkie. I can so wear monochrome suits and nod mindlessly. Ask Beth.

They are so incredibly boring. Boring, boring, boring. All white-collar, giggle-behind-hands, look at us, we are sooo very powerful and corrupt and Enron-ish! Bah. Let me tell you, they don't have anything *like* the stuff that went on before they took over.

1.) Like the story about the chick that ran a phone sex operation out of her office. On her state phone.

2.) The guy who did the (child?) porn, though that one is like, *impossible* to get reliable information about.

3.) Okay, this man was a visionary. He ran a "prostitution ring" out of regional.

Beat *that*, HHSC. We have a work ethic around these parts.

I so dare you to do anything *that* interesting. Embezzling, bah. Toadying? So nineties. Selling state contracts and taking away Medicaid from seventeen thousand poverty-level children? That's the eighties thing to do. Be original, dammit. Start a war. That's what all the *cool* regimes are doing these days.

I have learned that if I pretend they all wear yellow polyester boxer shorts, it just cheers me up immensely. Especially in July. Itchy-ness.

I know, I need another hobby. I'm reconsidering my major in Polysci. Maybe something in Shopping Therapy.

Still, why *did* he resign? Hummm.

Bitterness, Take Two

I suppose I worked all the anger out about this in June, when I saw the scheduling. I go into a month of TANF traning in November. Academic calendar for November and December says I will commit some kind of really creative form of suicide if I start classes this fall. Or start painting. For those of you who have never seen me draw, trust me, fate worse than death there. I can't manage stick figures without people asking me what they are.

TANF, for those of you who aren't aware, is the money form of welfare, in which the state gives money to families, mostly single-parent. It's ungodly complex and pretty much gets moreso everytime the legislature gets bored, which is really, really often. There's a reason we immerse in it and only it for an entire month, and I go to a full six to seven interview days in December.

So, January. I can deal. I have a new box of cookies.

Happier Things

Everyone and their puppies are posting QaF fic. quinn222 and ragingpixie have new fic up. Okay, not everyone, but that's some very interesting someones, and I cna't remember where I saw the others, but eventually, I'll get find them.

Mmm. QaF AND jewelry AND cookies.
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