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countdown to qaf: less than seven hours

I'm waiting for nine o'clock with a really pathetic kind of desperation here. It's so *sad*.


Two People Who Said Something Funny Last Night, Paraphrased

1.) rageprufrock - So, I noticed that the world's supply of dashes is getting low. That must mean you're writing again.

2.) fox1013 - I keep forgetting I can't take George to the shower with me, even though he's inflatable.

Again, sweetie, I do not judge you.

Three Common Things That Freak Me Out Badly

1.) Public bathrooms with only one other person in them. Oh come *on*. Tell me *you* don't get some performance anxiety when you realize they can see your shoes and hear *everything*.

2.) Decaffeinated coffee. It's--unspeakable. Decaffeinated coffee???? It's a day without sunshine, a cookie without chocolate chips, a slash story using the word asscunt, it's--okay. Maybe I went too far with that last comparison. That word should get its own number.

3.) Bright, electric, seventies-blue eyeshadow. I have no idea why this frightens me. But it does. It's so--blue.

Four Books/Series I Don't Admit I Own

1.) The Dragon and the Jewel - I was like, fourteen when I got this one, okay? It's so *bad*. It's this overblown historical romance novel and it's so *bad*, and the heroine is like, not even five feet tall with huge breasts and the hero's cock requires its own sheathe for daily wear, and they have ungodly amounts of seriously anatomically impossible sex, and I still just love it to pieces. Leave me alone. I'm weak.

2.) Many Star Trek Novels - Like, I used to buy them from the used bookstore by the *dozen*, okay? Even the bad ones. Especially those Vonda monstrosities that scarred me for life on poor old Spock. The original Star Trek ones had a higher percentage of good than the Next Gen or Voyager did, though, back when the publishers had souls. Though the TNG version of the Mirror, Mirror'verse is a favorite. The canon there is broken completely by the DS9 episode, but I just love it. When I was writing Voyager, I started a Mirror'verse one based off the TNG base, not the DS9 canon, just because of the strength of the Riker there. Just creeped the shit out of me in so many good ways. Okay, so not so not-with-the-admitting.

3.) Every damn Pern book published. I am *proud* of this, no matter how much my red pen of doom wants to go through and correct her canon, and what the hell happened to poor T'bor? *And* I once participated in an RPG for it. *sighs* A little, anyway. I miss my dragon. He was cute. I named him Pyroth. I think.

4.) Anita Blake - still my crack. I'm morbidly curious if she's going to come out of this as a goddess or something.

Five Things You Probably Don't Know About Me

1.) My first non-official fanfic was a sequel to Phantom of the Opera around age thirteen-fifteen. Raoul annoyed the shit out of me, so I made him a villian, I Mary Sued the Phantom, and had fade to black bad het sex. I am *so proud* of this one. It has its own notebook(s) in my closet. This was from the days everything was still written in longhand and in ten colors of ink, though the base is Bic blue. the clearn looking ones with six sides. My pen of choice.

2.) I can't use a childproof lighter, open childproof aspirin bottles, or cut my own steak with a knife. To work with the last one, I use scissors. And if you haven't tried it, you *should*. Prettiest cuts *ever*. Shapes, even, when I'm bored. Try it.

3.) I bought Justin Timberlake's CD on the strength of reading Don't Believe Everything You Breathe. I am *that* suggestible. And he is *that* pretty. Also, on this note, is it just me, or does popslash have the *coolest* titles ever? That one, Can't Believe My Way Back When and The Trumpet Has Obviously Been Drinking just make me *happy*. I will read an entire story on the strength of how interesting the title is. Title coolness can trump both summary AND preferred fandom and sometimes even preferred pairing.

4.) I will sing Eve 6's Inside Out at the top of my lungs, because I'm just so proud I finally figured out the lyrics, it bounces by so fast. This isn't new. I'll sing any song I *think* know, but that one is special, because I have no idea what it means. No idea at all. I just sing it loudly and bounce to the rhythm of it. What the fuck is up with the tender and the blender bit anyway? But I get a huge kick out of that part. It gets special loudness.

5.) ...I ran out of things. *mulls* I really, really love most green vegetables. Wow, that is incredibly lame. No, wait. I used "whacked" in a sentence at work. Seriously. That, also, is lame, but funny, remembering my trainer's face when the word left my mouth.
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