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children of dune - leto 1
I have yet to see QaF 4.13. I want to watch 4.13 and 4.14 together, and so, I deny myself, and ache for the fact that Sunday is my Last Day of Watching, until whatever ungodly date they choose for next season. The Very Last Season, Ever.

I would be depressed if I didn't have those two eps to buoy me. And you know, months of rewatching to memorize, maybe by plot arc.

So. Happy. Mostly. I ate all the cookies svmadelyn sent me, so you know, not as happy as I could be.

Hmm. I really have the most boring moments right now. Excitement is for people not looking seriously at mortgage rates and downtown living versus various suburbs and communities. I'm thinking that if I get a second job, something in the sex industry down on Congress, requiring minimal clothing, I should be able to pull off the place I'm drooling over.

God, this is very sad. I can't even manage to pick out a car. I have a horrible feeling that it's going to come down to innie-minnie-miney-mo. The car, that is. With any kind of luck, the house will have a sort of scientific method. Like, I don't know, drawing from a hat.

Hmm. This was a pointless entry. I should do something productive. I'm not sure what yet, but surely I have something tha needs sorting desperately. Socks, perhaps.

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Regarding a car. You can not go wrong with a Honda. I LOVE my Civic! They last forever, are comfortable and appointed nicely. Mine hasn't really cost much beyond basic upkeep, and it's a 1996.

I have that on my short list, along with Kia, Cavalier, some Escorts, a couple of Focuses, and this pretty Aerio thing that I loved.

One day. *shakes fist* ONE DAY....

I've got a civic, because my dad says he had one back in the 80s and it didn't break down for 8 years consecutively. I compare this to the various american, namely chrysler and ford cars that we've had, and am very impressed. Ford isn't bad, it just breaks down periodically. The air conditioning in the various fords is a little bit better than my civic, but I'm not sure that that isn't because I have a bottom of the line Honda as opposed to a top of the line Ford. Anyway, you see tons of Civics in LV, so the air conditioning isn't bad, just not great. See, the air conditioning in the old Chrysler was actually BAD. I don't know much about Chevrolet. Avoid the Dodge Neon like the plague. It gets speical mention in Kelly's Blue Book as a car that breaks down a lot.

Check out Toyota, I have a friend in the industry who highly recommends them (we had one for awhile that was pretty good), here are a couple models to look at (all three msrp under 20k):
Toyota Echo
Matrix - SO COOL

Last but not least, here are official crash test ratings:

Of course, I think you should get a Volkswagon bus, with cool curtains. Dude! You could sleep in the back as you roadtrip! Classic cars have lower registration fees, you know! *grins*

Happy car hunting!

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