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children of dune - leto 1
I have yet to see QaF 4.13. I want to watch 4.13 and 4.14 together, and so, I deny myself, and ache for the fact that Sunday is my Last Day of Watching, until whatever ungodly date they choose for next season. The Very Last Season, Ever.

I would be depressed if I didn't have those two eps to buoy me. And you know, months of rewatching to memorize, maybe by plot arc.

So. Happy. Mostly. I ate all the cookies svmadelyn sent me, so you know, not as happy as I could be.

Hmm. I really have the most boring moments right now. Excitement is for people not looking seriously at mortgage rates and downtown living versus various suburbs and communities. I'm thinking that if I get a second job, something in the sex industry down on Congress, requiring minimal clothing, I should be able to pull off the place I'm drooling over.

God, this is very sad. I can't even manage to pick out a car. I have a horrible feeling that it's going to come down to innie-minnie-miney-mo. The car, that is. With any kind of luck, the house will have a sort of scientific method. Like, I don't know, drawing from a hat.

Hmm. This was a pointless entry. I should do something productive. I'm not sure what yet, but surely I have something tha needs sorting desperately. Socks, perhaps.

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what *are* the advantages and disadvantages of downtown vs. suburban living in your neck of the woods?

Advantages of Downtown:

One, condo/loftish, so no yard upkeep. I kill plants and have Lawnmower Issues. This is of the good.

Two, trendy. Interesting. Near things like museums, art, interesting food, clubs, walk everywhere you really want to go. Also? BOOKSTORES. My God, the sheer number of bookstores in walking distance of most of these places.

Three, *pretty*. I mean, seriously, the place I want? So pretty. Such a cool floorplan. Great views, huge windows, etc.

Four, utility bills. Lower. Houses cost more to heat and cool. I mean, twenty percent more, on average.

Advantages of Suburbs:

1.) Near schools. Child could walk, even. Not that he would, over my dead body, but in theory, yeah.

2.) Less expensive. Currently, by about fifty k at least.

3.) Parks. I've heard of such things in my life.

4.) Other children Child's age.

5.) Can have large pets. This could be a disadvantage. I won't have an excuse any longer not to get him a pony sized dog.

6.) More square footage for your dollar, for the most part.

For child, neighborhoods would be better until he's older and will actually be *interested* in living downtown, but downtown would be relatively close to Zilker Park, and he'd have a blast there, too. Either way there's going to be a commute, since houses in town that are in a place where one doesn't say hi to the local drug dealer on the way to work start at above 150K (usually), and that's for houses that I wouldn't buy if I did have that much money to spend. The farther you move from Austin, theoretically, the lower they go, but that's not entirely true anymore with the new developments that are coming up, which usually start at 98K minimum and jump from there, and I really, *really* hate most of those I've seen in that range.

It sort of argues that either I get a much, much, much better job, or begin a life of white collar crime. In retrospect, the sex industry would require questionable wardrobe choices.

It's--weird. I'm checking the MLS pretty much daily to get familiar with prices and areas and what is *in* those areas, but it's not getting much more hopeful. They're building as fast as people can buy them now. Austin, Pflugerville, Hutto, and Round Rock, not to mention Georgetown, are melding into a single large mass at a really fast rate, and none have ever been what I'd call low-priced in housing to begin with.

...and that's far more information than you wanted, I know. *g* It's weird. It's not liek I'm going to be doing this job forever, but still, it's--daunting, to realize your next job requires a certain salary for you to buy the residence you want.

Oh no, more info than I was expecting, but definitely not more info than I wanted. I love hearing about other people's homebuying decisions. It makes me so thankful I already did the homebuying decision and never ever have to move for the rest of my life!

Personally, having grown up in the suburbs, and living now in a downtown neighbourhood, I vastly prefer urban life. It's more multicultural, it's closer to everything, it's set up for pedestrians (in the suburbs you have to drive to buy a litre of milk, in the city you can just walk a few blocks), etc. etc. Yes, as you point out, Child is too young now to appreciate some of the benefits of downtown life, but I have to say those kids I see in my neighbourhood look pretty okay with it. Not to mention that they're getting daily lessons in tolerance and diversity, what with the large immigrant population and the mixed-race and gay families around here. And there are significant advantages to living in a condo rather than a house, such as many of the repair jobs are included in the condo maintenance, so you don't have to shell out every time something goes wrong. Obviously condo buildings do need repairs, but the cost is shared between all the owners, and the time-gobbling hassle is usually taken care of by the property management company or the residents' council. Just don't get stuck *on* the residents' council! Plus, pony-sized dogs cost a lot more to feed than small, city-appropriate pets. When a friend had his very large dog fixed, he was surprised to notice that they charged him extra for the anaesthetic to put such a large dog under!

However, the square footage and other benefits of the suburbs that you mention are real. I mean, I can wax rhapsodic about the wonders of urban life until the cows come home, it ain't gonna change the fact that if you can't afford a place downtown you can't afford it. And while prostitution as an income-enhancer is certainly a possibility (snicker), you have to remember that someday Child will be old enough to figure out what Mommy does for a living, and to be embarrassed by it.

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