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qafreview: s4e12

Child had dental appointment today. That was pretty traumatizing. For me. Not him. He watched the LCD TV on teh ceiling with headphones. I watched toothbits and blood.

Big fun.

Managed to work my way into a fannish breakdown talking to nonchop about season five of QaF. You know, the one that does not yet exist. That possibly, there aren't even scripts for yet. That knowing Cowlip, they haven't even begun to think about.

nonchop ordered me to get some chocolate before I started crying over Brian's possibly futurely-broken heart after much perfidity throughout the speculated season. I think I scared her.


I have decided not to hate Ben anymore, but merely hold him in contempt, with flashes of 'oooh. pretty'. Naked is good, Ben. You stay clothed, the HATEHATEHATE returns. You get naked? I'm happier with you.

Not much to say on 412. Except man, it's depressing to konw the season is almost over. *sighs*


Things I Liked

1.) Brian! Getting better! He was hot. He looked tired and stressed and I love his hair and he was so pretty all I wanted to do during his scenes is watch him breathe. Just sit there. And breathe. Just like that. Yes. And fuck. Just like that. And quadruple digits? Hmm.

So, it's been, what, about three years? Almost? 912 days, if we minus off the four-six months of scary Ethan-monogamy. I estimated it at six, but honestly, it could have been as little as three. Cowlip time is not our time. Six weeks off for Justin to get over being all brain-fucked, minus another forty-two days. Another six weeks off between Ethan and Brian, minus another forty-two, now at 822. Estimate on the time between Brian finding out he had cancer and the return of their sex life, probably in the area of a week or two? This is Cowlip time, which does not follow human time. 808. Brian says they are in the quadruple digits, which would require them to have sex one and a quarter times every day, no matter what. Lessee--Justin goes to Vermont, a few more days off there. White Party--a weekend. Hmm. Do they take breathers on federal holidays?

I'm just wondering is all.

You know, adding in Brian's very open canonical tricking in season one and two, he's probably had more sex than he has strands of DNA. I'm just saying.

That was kind of random.

The entire proving of virality via bicycling is very, very cute. Seriously.

2.) Ted, Ted and Emmett, Ted and Brian, Ted and Justin - Ted is just kicking ass everywhere he goes. Seriously, this has been The Season of Ted Goodness. He has never been more interesting. More fun. More snarky. All the patheticness? Gone. The annoyingness? Gone. My God, he's become my third favorite character. He's witty and freaksomely charming in his Ted way, he's acting *normal* and *natural*, and almost cool.

I love him with Brian. Their interaction is so fun I look forward to anything involving Kinnetic. Ted's just wonderful when he feels competent, appreciated, and needed, and he just shines. Him and Justin doubleteaming Brian was just--unreal.

He and Emmett are back to their pre-dating friendship, which is such a comfort to see. I had nightmares that the awkwardness would be dragged out forever and ever and ever, but no, they are just glowing with friendly feeling. I do like his hesitance on congratulating Emmett on getting back together with Drew--this has had disaster written on it since the beginning, and thank God, so far, it's not gone really bad places.

Emmett finally taking to heart what he is doing--that was nice. It was more than the fact that Drew was a disaster waiting to happen. He's sitting across the table from a very nice woman who has been hiring him to do her food stuff. She likes him. She does not know that he is engaged in letting her fiancee fuck him into oblivion. Encouraging it, even. I'm so glad he finally let it go, and God, I hope it stays that way. Drew's hot, but no one is hot enough to compromise yourself for that much.

Well. Maybe Brian. I'd have to find out what exactly he wanted compromised.

3.) Justin. Actual *Justin* time, hanging with the boys, all friendly-like. It's cute, and I don't think I've seen them turn out in mass like this for a long, long time. And sex. Brian and Justin sex. Justin holding Brian *down* sex. In which Cowlip gets its soul back. But yes. Sex. Happy. Long, pretty sex. Pretty, pretty sex. *happy*

It's nice to see him naked, and the entire couply thing going on there is just adorable. Does anyone know if he's still paying Daphne rent?

4.) Hunter. I have never, except for Brian, wanted to feed someone soup more. All that teenage angst and drama and poor baby. Michael and Ben are interesting when doing parenty-useful things, and that was fun to watch. The heterosexuality is in full swing in these parts.

Oh Hunter, you will find someone to love. You so will.

Things That Annoyed Me

Mel. Pretty much the thing that made me grind my teeth.

It's not that I don't get her sense of betrayal, or her hurt, or her feelings, but man, she isn't coming across sympathetic, she's coming across like she should be on heavy doses of Valium and Prozac to *get her the fuck calmed down*. She does not have a high horse to sit on here, and I wish, wish, wish she'd stop imagining that she does. Yes, she's pregnant in a high risk pregnancy, and yes, her wife slept wiht someone else. We go that far, I'm all kinds of sympathetic. But it actually scares me when Lindz seems to have been teh more emotinally stable of the two when there's been infidelity, see season one. I know it's all caught up with Mel's hormones and feeling threatened by Lindz fucking a guy, and yes, that makes sense. But she is melodramatizing to the point where I don't even care.

Urgh. I wish I could explain it better, but she's grating, when for this kind of sitch, she shouldn't be. Grrr.

I'm still getting over watching Child's tooth things. That was just disturbing.
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