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The Toybox

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children of dune - leto 1
Hi, I'm jenn and I'm an idiot.

Just a very random question. I wrote most of The Yard on AIM with someone--or several someones, if you happened to stand still for more than five seconds in my line of buddy-sight. If you were one of the unfortunates that I talked to or had beta me during the process, do you happen to remember if I ever sent you the outline?

Yes, I have the memory of a sieve. I can find a few of the convos, but not the pertinent ones. I remember writing an outline. I know I saved it and I know I sent it to someone to follow what I was doing. I just can't find the damn original.

Anyway. Email me at jenn at thegateway dot net if you remember. Thanks in advance for your patience. It's my own fault. With my luck, I deleted the fucker when I was clearing out my Smallville fic WiP folder.

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I totally wasn't one of those people, but it's kind of ridiculous how happy this post makes me, and you're just *asking*.

*runs off laughing*

Happy Fourth, sweetie, if I don't see you later! :D

Don't look like that. I'm just--looking at it. You know, for fun. Just to see why I stopped and stuff.

*sighs* I *remember*, but I can't remember it all in order, and it's frustrating.

And *hugs*. Happy Fourth of July!

I know we talked about it, but a skim through my saved e-mails doesn't reveal anything. And a quick trip through my files shows how few convos I actually save.

I don't remember seeing an actual outline, fwiw.

*nod* I found one of our convos on the past-history worldbuilding that I've been cutting and pasting from--and God, am I glad I saved that, it helped me remember where I was in chronology--and I rewrote what I knew of the outline this afternoon and made actual progress, if this can be called progress *g*. I guess I can use that as easily--I don't think I'd gotten very far in actual long-term future planning, just past-mapping, and I think I can rebuild that from convos. *looks at papers* I can't believe I'm trying to do this. On the other hand, it's this or start a life devoted to recreational stress-relief involving narcotics, and writing about it is so much less messy than doing it.

Thanks for looking, chica. *Hugs* Especially with all your stressish things going on right now. *hugehugshugehugs* I dearly hope it goes better soon.


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