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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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moody cow
In theory, I'm owed one really good day.

Maybe it's my generation's sense of entitlement, or the fact I set the bar on a really good day far too high. I want to start my day with coffee and I want someone to give me donuts. I'm easy with donuts. Any kind will do. Except filled. None of those.

I want to be actively engaged in doing things all day, not bored out of my mind by three because there's nothing to do and I'm not allowed more than two cases a day. I'd like it to not-rain the second I want to go have a cigarette and not force me to study the angle of the rain to find the only space on three sides of a building that doesn't have rain. Did I mention there's no porch?

I want, just once, to sit down with a story and not think automatically, hmm. Obviously, I was on drugs while thinking up this concept. And then I don't remember the drugs, which makes me sad.

I want that chick from the university to call me back about those classes I want to take.

I want cookies.

I want my back to stop. fucking. hurting.

I-want. Bah. It wouldn't hurt if I could stop being pissed, either, but I'm giving myself a week.

This has been a completely useless moment. Sulking is so much less fun in text form.

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*pets you*

It's just One Of Those Days. I mean, yes, internationally speaking, it's not even the same day, but still.

Oh I'm so with you on the back pain. These last few weeks I've had problems with my back *and* my neck - so. fucking. frustrating.

And the story idea on drugs thing? Oh yeah.

Sometimes things just suck. Sometimes they suck a lot.

But at least you have a really funny icon to go with it. ;-)


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