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qafreview: s4e11

I'm not sure what it was I just watched. I think I started zoning out somewhere in there adn went to another station, the Boring Night Time Television Station. On the other hand, I had a good time with some of it.

Acutally, a lot of it.

It's all character, all the time.

Emmett and Deb

Winner is a tie between Emmett and Deb's fabulous interaction. Debbie has never been more interesting, or more fun to me, than when she's with Emmett. He--I have no idea what he does or how he does it, but he makes her fun. The Pursuit of Carl is just fabulous, through and through. Emmett's got a gift for the matchmaking. It's charming. Adorable.

Lindz, Lindz and Mel

Lindsay is acting weird. I actually understand infidelity--it freaks me out on every level and I'm incapable of really rational judgement, wishing to sew scarlett A's all over people's chests, but my issue there.

Still, Lindsay is acting *weird*. I mean, if they're trying to show sexual confusion or conflicted feelings, they didn't do it very well at all. She did do guilt and jitteriness well, though, but. I'm not sure where she stands. Fair enough, she probably doesn't either.

Okay, she fucked Sam, and apparently did it on the floor as well, though honestly, watching them do that grappling on the wall, I wasn't all that sure of their balance anyway. You know, with Sam having the muscle tone of a very small rodent. But assuming someone orgasmed against the wall, and thank you, Cowlip, for not making us watch much more of that, they fucked twice.

Mel's pissiness was both understandable and sort of personally annoying. Again, infidelity? Probably my biggest blindspot. But see, Mel doing betrayed righteous doesn't cut it. I can understand being hurt or being betrayed, and man, I can understand being enraged as hell. And somehow, maybe it's worse when it's with a different sex, especially since Mel has documented Lindz attraction to Brian, but really, that doesn't count. People in other galaxies are attracted to Brian. Trees, wind, and not a few kingdoms of nature, plant and animal and amoeba, are attracted to Brian. This is not a new thing. He's practically the exception to the rule.

But. Mel did this already. No, Lindz wasn't pregnant, Lindz was just unemployed with a baby. Maybe it's just because I like Lindz better--Mel does self-righteous way too much for me to be comfy with her most of the time. And Mel's excuse at the time, to me, held very little water, maybe because men use that complaint to excuse their infidelity. I understood, I do, but it still bothered me.

But have to wait to see how Mel goes with this. So far, I'm not exactly thrilled.

Lindz and Brian are just cute. I wondered how long it would take her to confide in him. I love them together. Brian does make everyone more intersting. That is possibly the closest I've ever come to seeing Brian blush. Poor baby. That experimental thing with Lindz must be *such* a thing to have hanging over his head, runing his Perfect Gay Record. *pets* It's okay. Everyone experiments. You just move on from it.

Emmett and Ted

The friendship is fun and fabulous and I loved how Emmett did his revelation. Oh so very matter-of-fact. That was a fun moment.

The Hunter Saga

I laughed myself sick. Someone during the last hiatus was speculating on whether Hunter was acutally gay, or bi, or straight but sold by his mom regularly. I'm leaning toward bi, though again, the only guy we've seen him canonically attracted to was Brian, and Brian, again, can make straight men and farm animals sit up and beg. So not proof.

Watching him make out with the girl--like a teenager in the backseat of the car, even, just the most adorable thing I've ever seen. Fumbling and uncertain and really turned on, my God, this kid is a real teenager. It's wonderful.

Michael and Ben had one of those few domestic scenes that rocked for me. Their shock at having a possibly-straight son. No idea what to do. Handling it much better than, say, Justin's parents. That was cute. The talk in bed was kind of long-winded but okay, we covered Salient Important Points for this PSA moment. Also, ben is hot. I do not revoke my hate, but I do tone it down since I've noticed I'm far more sympathetic when he's less dressed. *Hot*. Though I still cannot wrap my mind around him bottoming for Brian. It's not just his alpha-ish self, but the visuals come out strange, because man, Ben is *big*.

Right, moving on.

The Fundraiser

Brian's bullshit-o-meter is always set at Maximum Cynical--he's a depressingly good judge of character on short notice. See, I can see why he's pre-emptively hostile--Brian is hugely not trusting of charity in general. And if that guy was gay, I'm surprised, because that is the first time in history that I did not see even light sparkage. Even Van and Stockwell could make chemistry with Brian.

A big black hole of non-sexual tension, with a side helping of, that man is not a part of nature. That was scary. It's like evil, but not as much fun.

Anyway, the guy, apparently unaware that Brian scares most sane people, except Justin, who you know, brain damaged so can just hop along merrily doing what he wants, tries blackmail.

Did anyone but me just groan when he said that? This is what I like to call, proxy suicide. There are some things you just don't do in Pittsburgh. You do not, God help you, mess around with Brian's sex life, because then he gets grumpy, sells everything he owns, and somehow gets you put in jail eventually, when you could have sworn you'd be mayor. You do not, if you value your life, cause the pretty blond distress, or things like broken knees and glue to toilet seats come out, to your utter public humiliation. And God, do *not* blackmail him.

So yeah. His hours in Pittsburgh were numbered.

Anyway, no surprise, Brian tracks down dirt. Brian and his close and personal relationship with his finances go way back. So of course he did his research and his math. He's done the charity thing. He's *been* the source of charity. He's been the very reluctant yet oddly cute recipient of charity. And if anyone knows what costs should be and what costs *are*, it's Brian, who does the shmooze thing for a living.

Anyway, I feel a fit of Brian-doing-something-dramatic coming on. I'll just wait for it.

Emmett nad Foodball Guy




Okay, no sex. No psuedosex. Some het making out in a suv. Whee. Brian and Justin managed one whole scene together. Yes, I know this isn't the Brian/Justin show. Can anyone out there give me a *good* reason why this is? That was just sad.

Hmm. I think my problem, after last week, is this entire thing felt more transitional than anything. Like, they're gearing up for the big things, which you know, fine, but also, damn. *sighs* I'm going to rewatch to see if I like it better on second viewing. Or maybe in line with ep 12.

It's depressing ot realize there are only three eps left. Dammit, we need more.
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