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The Toybox

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long overdue recs update
children of dune - leto 1
I originally was just going to add Switch by RivkaT, because I was reading it, but then I thought, hey, I have some time, so why don't I get that backdated list of SV that I keep meaning to finish and get those coded and up.

Okay, the thing is? Once pasted into Word from some (SOME!) of my LJ entries that I had saved in Word on my computer, there were two hundred and some random number that frankly, I could not face handcoding. And then I thought, why haven't I switched to something automated?

But anyway.

Fifty-seven recs (when my hand gave out), Smallville het, slash, and gen, about thirty different authors. Mostly slash.


That leaves--a lot. Jesus. I remember SV being prolifically good, but there's being prolifically good and then being just frightening. And that's *after* took out all the lj-only stories of people who no longer have LJs. I just doubled the size of my recs page. And God, my hand hurts.

Anyway. Mostly pre-summer 2003 back to early-mid 2002.

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hey Jenn, just checked you rec site. Thought you might like to know that all the update dates next to each set of recs say 2003 instead of 2004.


And also, weird. Very, very weird.

Dude. You have "Lex on the Beach" in there! I think maybe, maybe five people have read that, total!

Also, this is me, hiding my face in shame at the very early attempts at pr0n, before I gave that shit up. *g*

Check out a Notetab Light. It's freeware and I have no idea what I'd do without it. :)

I can't remember if I emailed you or not about this... but just in case I was hallucinating that, thank you so much for constantly rec-ing. It saves me hours being able to just click on recs to find stories that are fabulous! What a great service you provide to authors & readers. Thanks!

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