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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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children of dune - leto 1
Courtesey of the wonderful meret for the picture and throughadoor for stealing her line. I really, really love that line.

*loves icon*

Though since I rarely ever do icons--it's readable to me. Is it readable to everyone else?

Edited to Add

At slumberparty04, I posted on the hotel reservations (done!) and the amount per person, per day. If still interested in attending, have been thinking about attending, or curious, run over and check it out. We'll be posting the final sign-up within the next week or two, so if you're still thinking of coming, we'd love to have your input.

Yeah, we are kind of organizing this to death. But seriously, I have nightmares that everyone shows up and there's nothing but refrigerator boxes. Then again, I have nightmares about my socks disappearing, so I can stress about weird things.

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the writing is a little bit faint - I had to squint to work out "chair sex" - and this is the good monitor.

I was afraid of that. I could read it, but I know what it says, so that wasn't a good indicator.

I used white, I think ten point font, with 96 percent drop shadow blend, Adobe. Any suggestions? *hopeful*

I am the least expert of people, but I think it's the drop shadow that is fading into the image and mucking up the legibility. I find that often picking a colour from the image makes a more legible text- I would try the background green, then the dark colours from the chair and go for a glow rather than a shadow.

Did I also point out the work-unfriendliness of this otherwise very, very friendly icon?

I moved it to weekend use. I probably would have only remembered if I'd pulled it up in LJ at work and realized OH MY GOD NO.


*g* Thanks!

*pets icon*

HAH! the phrase "fandom of canonical homosexual chair sex" first came to be because i was drunk and trying to make icons, so i guess it's only fitting.

*snickers* It is a great fandom when that can be our icon line and is *true*.

A fine, fine fandom. *sighs dreamily*

My computer is going wonky on me, any I can't get any of my e-mail accounts up. It's a sad day when you're relying on LJ to relay a message.

*hopes it is up to the task*

That thing you wanted me to remind you about? Involving our favorite pink spore and *sad* thing happening to her? This is that reminder.


Also, Maya has said UL 18 has been sent in and loaded to the archive soon. So you can start reading annnnytime you'd like.

*even bigger grin*

I will be so shocked if this actually goes through. *clicks post comment*

Okay, are you sure she *really* wants that story? Or is it another one? I worked on it last night in a fit of desperation to finish, but I still cna't nail the ending, which is most of the reason I stopped in the first place. I want you to look it over before I post it, so if you have time, be on AIM tonight?

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