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The computers were down for another system upgrade type thing, which left us desperately little to do at work. Child went with my sister and her family to spend the night in Dallas and go to Six Flags tomorrow. I'm torn between missing him and being really amused at the fact that my sister has never dealt with him and bedtime before.

But still. That's a lot of free time and not much to do with it. Grumbly.


Stealing recs from my friendspage, courtesey of lierdumoa.

After the Fact by maiaj. I can't even express how much I love this story. IT's a lovely post-4.9 interlude, sweet and gentle and just. Gah. It's beautiful.


This came out a while back, but I fell across it cleaning out one of my folders, and well, had to read it.

The 53rd Wednesday by suzvoy. Futurefic, Clark/Lex implied.

Wednesday wasn't just Wednesday anymore. It was enjoyable, exciting, something
to look forward to. All the things that Wednesday never was.

He still hated it.

It's out of context, but the entire story just slipped so prettily into my head. Lex is dealing, in his very, very insane way. I want to feed him grapes so much.

Things of No Interest

I keep looking at my WiP folder, and not even in guilt, just in puzzlement. I'm not sure if it's that I'm actually avoiding it because I'm not in the mood or because every time I open it, How It's Gonna Be is right there.

Damn you, lierdumoa. I was really good with not even seeing it anymore.

On the other hand, I got a *lot* done, and not just reorganizing my bookmarks, which it itself might have been some kind of cry for help. A mass dump of snippets and WiPs in my SV folder, which not only cleared up space, but was somehow really cheering, and a secondary dump of my X-Men and finally, finally, cleaned out the useless Voyager stuff that for some reason I kept clinging to. For no *reason*, even. I need to do round two and seriously just throw everything else away, but I'm leaving it until a day I'm stronger and also, have a few hours to reread, because damned if I don't have to *look at every damn thing* before I can recycle it.

Okay. Tackling outdated graphics next. Seriously, I don't need pics I downloaded in 1999 here.
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