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qafreview: s4e10

Amusement abounds. I love this show. And also, I *love this show*.

Also, Justin speaks with the tongues of fangirls. Just sayin'.

QaF is once again my soft porn show of choice. Thank you. Cowlip, you worried me with your uberseriousness, but we're back to basics. Not just a sex-an-ep, but a multiple orgasms an ep. You please me muchly.


It's like watching lions and lambs lay down together. Ted and Brian are possibly the cutest thing in history--their interaction is the most adorable thing since first season Brian and Michael. Theodore. Bri. My God. Brian's compliment on Ted's suit was kind of like watching, say, oh, Lindsay fuck a guy. Surreal. But that's later. Ted *does* do confidence well, and I'm finding it kind of scary that I'm thinking, aww, he looks so *cute*. Watching him volunteer for a Brian project--I *knew* Brian was a good boss.

If this continues, Ted and Brian are totally my OTP of friendship. They just interact brilliantly.


Besides me, raise your hands--who sees nightmarish disaster written all over this affair? Nightmarish disaster. This is a professional football player--that's already, for me, a score on the Never Ever Date, Much Less Fuck card. He's in denial about his sexuality--bi or gay, take your pick, but it takes some serious time rowing on the Nile to have your dick stuck up a guy's ass and still be pretty much obfuscating and roundtalking the entire issue. That's a big Warning sign the second right there. Third--third, do I *need* a third? Emmett is possibly still recovering from Ted's drug-fueled abuse. If this is his way of coping, I'm a lot more worried about him than I was early this season. It's not just this guy is terrifyingly deep in the closet, it's not just that Emmett seems to have lost his mind--it's this guy has a lot wrapped up in his perceived sexuality. If Emmett doesn't remember Chris Hobbes' epic overreaction to a handjob, someone needs to slip him the season one scripts to re-read--let him linger over the baseball bat portions, highlighted. Possibly tattooed on his ass.

Also, a note--Emmett is *flexible*. That leg thing he was doing when he was chatting with football guy? That hurt my hamstring to look at.

Michael and Justin

*g* Yes. We do not watch to see Zephyr get laid. We watch to see Rage and JT fuck like bunnies. If Cowlip would please have this tattooed somewhere visible, then I think everyone would be happier.

The dynamic duo on a quest to restore Brian's vitality. There is no words to describe my joy in this. I'm almost but not quite surprised by Justin confiding in Michael--on the short list, as someone else already stated, it's Michael or Daphne, and Michael's right there.

And let's just look at facts. Justin tricks, but not all that much, at least according to visual canon. If we mark back the last time they had sex, which would have been sometime before the blowjob by the doctor, around episode five (six?), this is a record of no-sex. And Justin is the type to probalby feel uncomfortable tricking when his lover could be, you know, dying of cancer and everything, even during their little estrangement. Brian's had all the fun of vomiting and nightmares and fearing for his life to keep him occupied and less concerned about sex up to now. Justin--not so much. Poor baby. *pets* He's used to getting it a few times a day. Sunshine isn't so shiny when he's not getting laid. Which probably explains all the sex Rage and JT are having these days. It's not like Justin has any useful hobbies besides drawing here.

Yes, I am amused by the very contained panic thing going on there.

Anyway, Pittsburgh's Chinatown, and of course it's somewhere Ben has gone, and it probably shows how very tense Justin is that he's *not* leaping over the counter to grab whatever they give him, but only barely and is disturbingly enthusiastic about trying out a variety of really bizarre sounding herbs on his boyfriend.

And yes, I giggled out loud at the commentary from the shopkeepers. Just beyond words.


I have no idea why she's still doing her cold shoulder to Brian. I'm not surprised, and I suppose her guilt over Vic is somehow involved, but I'm annoyed anyway. The words 'get the hell over it' come to mind.

It was sweet to see them talk. When she doesn't annoy the shit out of me, I like them together. Brian telling her vaguely surprised me, but I suppose seeing mortality, and well, like Justin, Brian really doesn't *have* any hobbies to speak of, so really, if he's not fucking, what else is there for him to *do*? She crumpled fast, which was totally expected, considering, and I did get all teary-eyed when she prayed for him.

I'm not so amused by her telling Joanie--as a mother, I understand. As She Who Thinks Brian is a God Among Men, I'm pissed as hell. As someone who is fairly obsessive about the right to privacy, I'm kind of appalled. We'll just leave it at that.


I'm less pissed at him than before. I'm glad he turned down the bug chaser, and I'm glad he went home to Mikey, and they are so adorable together it hurts, but I'd be much happier if he'd turned him down *before* that kid gave the reason he wanted to fuck Ben.


I have no idea what to say about that. It's not like this wasn't foreshadowed forever. It's not that I'm not appalled, but mostly it's for her poor taste. Cheating, if it must be done, should be done with someone so hot it makes sense. I get her artistic attraction, but not how that translates to wanting him between her legs. Just no.

That was kind of scary. Also, it was heterosexual sex, which in this venue, makes me highly uncomfortable, and I really have been watching and reading about guys fucking for far, far too long when my first thought is, wait. What are they doing?

Brian, Brian and Justin, Brian and Mom

Brian does vulnerable so beautifully that I wanted to curl up in his lap and feed him. Or just curl up on his lap. You know. I'm kind of seeing where the entire failed sexual performance thing is coming from, though. Frankly, pretty as Justin is, visions of bloody things removed just might be a bit of a turn-off. That Brian can't sleep isn't a surprise.

Completely in character, Brian indulges himself deeply in work. Did I mention the cuteness of Ted and Brian? And the balls in the air comment? Seriously, adorable. Awww.

Justin very, very seriously cooking his tea in the kitchen--and Brian, sacked out on a pillow, looking far too hot for human words.... See, I thought Justin would, you know, slip it into his coffee or JB or something, like a normal boyfriend. This honesty in relationships thing must be far more rampant than first believed. I wish I could have seen the conversation leading up to it, though. Just the look on Brian's face would have been enough. Brian explaining *what* the problem was precisely was--when did he get so freaking *articulate* anyway?

The confrontation with Mommy Dearest went about to script--at least this time, Brian didn't seem to be expecting much out of her. The entire religious conversation was faintly creepy, and Brian does drama like no one's business. Seriously, we've gotten more emoting out of him in the last three eps than we have in the last three seasons.

Also, Brian is hot when indulging himself in a public temper tantrum. I mean, seriously.

And backroom sex, which made me happy. Of course he'd stride into Babylon and go hunting for his boyfriend. Justin's mad dash for the backroom was--yes, we know, sweetie, you've been suffering, too. Frankly, that it didn't happen right on the bar was probably only because Brian didn't want ot take the time to move the people out of the way.

So, to tally up. We had failed Brian/Justin, vaguely athletic Emmett/football player, Lindz/Mel, Lindz/ugly artist, Brian/Justin. A forty-five to fifty minute show, that's about, oh, sex less than every ten minutes. IF we count the het sex. Do we count the het sex? I don't want to count the het sex, even if Lindsay was wearing incredibly hot boots, because he almost dropped her and that's just sad.
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