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update on slumberparty04

Okay, svmadelyn, in conjunction with the brilliantly helpful and wonderful lyra_sena and yours truly, have narrowed down our options on hotels to the Pan American. It has running water, electricity, and possibly, just *possibly*, indoor bathrooms.

*g* It also has shuttles to/from LaGuardia and JFK, which is of the coolness, since that will make life easier. lyra_sena and svmadelyn are currently in touch with the hotel to see if any group rates can be gained adn so forth.

Anyway, svmadelyn posts about it here for thoughts and comments, including estimates per person charge per night on the hotel. We'd like everyone who is planning to go to drop a comment so we can get a feel for everyone's opinions. Considering how the rates seem to be rising--I've done the numbers on this one several times, and I can almost be certain it's gone up at least ten dollars since the last time--if this is acceptable to all, we're going to book here and get one thing crossed off our list and enable everyone to budget properly. Right now we're showing fifteen definites and two probably nots. It's not too late to sign up, so if you want to go, just drop in and put your name down. Then Madelyn and I can indulge ourselves in Activity Planning Anal Retentiveness.

Or you know, start breathing again regularly and not panic every time we see a rate jump. *grins*

Anyway, go at it. If you can read this message, you are definitely invited to come and play with us.
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