Seperis (seperis) wrote,

requesting advice

Mm. I'm not terribly experienced at travelish things, so I have a question. Is it a better idea to go to teh airlines directly, use expedia, use priceline, or use hotwire?

Hotwire and priceline both are freaksome about the times thing, and I'm not too sure how I feel about blind flights--on the other hand, when it's running 125 to 150 less than the lowest ticket otherwise, my enthusiasm gets a lot higher for it. Are these reliable?

Any advice would be deeply appreciated. I can deal with a blind-until-purchased flight, but if I can do it *with* times, that would be nice, too.


Also, yes, fox1013, we are trying *very hard* to make sure the hotel has running water. Why, the last place we looked at? Had some new-fangled indoor thing they call a 'water closet', like an indoor outhouse!

My God, modern technology today!
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