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children of dune - leto 1
So. Salsa dancing.

That was new.

Years and years and years ago, when dinosaurs roamed the earth, for my requried PE course my freshman year of college, I took ballroom dancing. It didn't look too traumatic, and I like to dance. Getting the count? Fine. Steps? Repetition is the key to success.

What pretty much had to be learned from scratch was how *not* to lead, and many a pair of toes and many a knee was injured during my learning curve. And this did *not* make me popular as a partner, in so many ways.

Anyway, since it was Vannezsa's birthday, she chose what we did, and her friend R came along, who is *taking* salsa classes, and well. I didn't accidentally kill him or anything, and a few minutes of watching was enough for body memory to remind me how to do most of the simpler steps, but my God, I am physically incapable of letting someone else lead anymore. Every time I tried, I'd lose the step, fall into something/someone, or both. I think it's a trust issue. On the other hand, it was a blast, and R is a good dancer who is probably even better when he's not not with me and my miniwar for control of the dance.

It was incredible fun to watch, though. Almost mesmerizing, and so many were so *good* and did the coolest turns and twists and I want to learn again. No one was drunk, everyone looked happpy, and the level of random groping was at an all-time low.

This one time in class, my professor called us one by one to dance with him as our final--he variated through several different kinds, from tango to merengue (spelling?), samba, jitterbug, two others I cannot remember the names of (rumba?) with one step lead in, so it was basically follow his lead. Luckily, by then, he'd worked with me enough so I could actually do it without trying to drag control away. The second part was teh waltz/foxtrot/two step/Texas two step, and then the nightmare that is a polka.

For those who love the polka. Good for you. Me? I've had to watch and/or dance one since childhood--it, like the waltz and the chicken dance, is a staple of every wedding and dance in creation, and no two are ever alike. And I still don't get *why* the chicken dance. WHY IS THERE A CHICKEN DANCE EVERYWHERE I GO?

Anyway, that was fun, so she wants to go back, and I suppose that means I'd better start practicing in front of the mirror how *not* to kill my partner, should anyone be foolish enough to ask me to dance. That's really the only thing I have against it. Most clubs, you do your thing and if someone wants to join in, more power to them. Here, there's an unsettling, high-school dance feeling, since you kinda need a partner, complete with chairs around the edges of the floor, but with alcohol, smoking, and some people making out in dark corners. Hmmm. Okay, very much like a high school dance, then. I want a skirt. It was just fun to watch the flipping around of the skirt things during turns and dips and spins and damn.

Afterward, we spent an hour, four phone calls, and some angst trying to find Waffle House, because for some reason, waffles just sounded amazing at three in the morning. In case you're curious, it's exactly where they said it was the first time, hwy 79 past Riverside, but damned if we didn't try to stick it on several different street combinations no matter what they told us. Hmm.

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I find this really interesting, because I am almost the complete opposite. I can follow just about anything, but can't lead to save my life. I know what I'm supposed to be doing, but most of the time I've no idea what the guy is supposed to do (if it isn't directly related to me), so if he hasn't seen the step before, chances are good I won't be able to back-lead him through it. It's just weird how that works.

And, now I want to go dancing.

AND! Seriously, what IS the deal with the chicken dance? Criminy.

I so cannot teach a guy to do it either. I think part of it is that most guys don't follow well, and the other is, I'm a really, really *bad* teacher.

I mean, *really* bad. *g* I always felt sorry for anyone who had me teach them something, because they were so doomed to give up for life.

I still don't get *why* the chicken dance.

Because the default setting for the chicken dance is 'idiot'. So everyone, including people who won't dance for fear of looking like idiots, can do it.

I honestly think there is nothing more horrifying than seeing a roomful of otherwise sane people flapping their fingers, wagging their arms, then shimmying down to the floor in their best clothes.

*shakes head*

*sunny grin* Just thought I'd inform you, I have been known to spontaneously do the chicken dance while waiting in the dark for busses when it's cold out.
Not with the steps in the right order though.


I have never been so scared of someone in my life.

If you get my boyfriend drunk and sing the Chicken Dance song, he will do the dance. In public.

He's like Pavlov's dogs, only cuter.

*dies laughing* That is so cute!

I'm afraid I've abused this power in the past.

I so want to learn to dance. And this has just reinforced that.

Sounds like you had a fabulous time! *grins*

I adore salsa dancing because I suck at it and for some reason, it makes me laugh my ass off everytime I try to do it.

But the Texas two-step? *shudders*

I've been lurking here forever (and on your site because I love it so) and just now realized (okay, not just now) that we live in the same city. For some reason, I felt the need to share.

Do you mind if I friend you?

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