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yay for bad fonts!
children of dune - leto 1

Months I couldn't use Adobe. Months of silent, not-so-silent, and really loud suffering, and *boom*, it was ungood fonts. Well, some ungood fonts. So removed about all thousand something i've installed since I got this computer, and voila! It works!


Now, how does one go through and check to see what fonts are bad? I mean, can I just open them to know, or is there some kind of wonderous program that does this for me?

I mean, one thousand fonts.


That's a lot of font checking.

But still. IT WORKS!


This message brought to you by a very no-longer-suffering-jenn, who is high on the adobe love.

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Jennnnnnnnn......I am soooooooo boooooored!

It's probably not that the fonts are bad; Adobe products just freak out once you have more than 700 fonts installed, and will give errors on all their programs. So, like, ditch 300 fonts you don't like and install the rest back. :)

Okay, that I didn't know. It took a literal quote into google of the error to get to the solutions.

*g* And such a damn *simple* solution, too.

Parting with three hundred fonts, though....


Thanks for the heads-up about the number!

Adobe Type Manager. You can categorize your fonts any which way you want. You can preview the fonts in the program. You can do a print index of all your fonts. And, most valuably, you can shut down fonts you are not going to use, so when you open up a program such as Adobe Photoshop, you only see those key fonts you want.

A print index?

That is the best thing I've heard today! Thanks!

(Deleted comment)
*giggles* You know, I wouldn't have thought of that. Left to my own devices, I'd be testing them one by one. *sighs* Which says little for my creativity.


I adore Bitstream Font Navigator for sorting through my hundreds of fonts picking out which one to use on whatever icon I'm making. It separates the fonts present in my fonts folder into one window and my formally installed fonts to another, while noting that Windows or some such has issues with having more than this many hundred fonts installed -- so whenever I want to install a new one I have to pick some old ones I can do without. (Though oddly enough, when I copied over all my fonts to the new laptop, the laptop claimed many were bad or corrupted files, though they work fine on the desktop. So I've got a slightly different library of installed fonts on each computer.)

Can you download that or buy it?

Sadly, I don't think so -- it came prepacked on Edward when I bought it, and I went hunting so I could add it to Dru and couldn't find it and wound up just copying the program files and folders to Dru.

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