Seperis (seperis) wrote,

woe as me and electronical things

I will never understand how it is that wires I lay out in neat rows to connect everything to the TV become snarled tangles of terror.

Let me recap my last week.

I started moving my season four eps to tape--fair enough. I did the hookups according to the book and sat back to let it happen.

It did not happen.

Several times.

I got out my book on the DVR and read it and followed the instructions. I unwired it and redid it. It's like, three colored cords. In theory, drunk people who have never seen a television or sattelite thingie would know how to hook it up.

I put off taking everything apart, since I was recording other things, but today, no tv shows to watch! So I sat down and pulled out the box that connects everything together, and it looked like some kind of den of mating snakes. Again, Child makes me watch too much discovery channel. Painstakingly, I unhooked everything and laid out the s cables and audio cords and thought, okay. I can do this.

Right up until I hooked up the DVD sound to the satellite video feed and lost the ability to use the VCR.


To shorten possibly the most boring audio/video story in creation, so far, I have the vcr hooked to the dvr, the dvr to the connector box, and the box to the TV. And I have one ep on tape. Out of *eight*. Everything else is disassembled on teh floor, and the temptation is strong to get a hammer and kill it all.

So, I promised xoverau and miella and svmadelyn copies of the first six eps, which is acutally now at eight eps thanks to my wonderous talent with electronical things. I'm hopefully going ot finish the main copy tonight of all eight eps and will be able to do one or two more a day during the week depending on if I have to do any overtime, so if I told anyone else I would, leave me a comment or email or BOTH ideally, so I can add that in?

DVD Happiness

Ordered my DVD player off, after comparison shopping at frys, wal-mart, and best buy, none of which was offering a twenty-percent off sale and two of which had the same DVD player for, yes, twenty percent higher than amazon. It's so pretty. And it won't be here for about a month. I have no idea what all it does. I read the spec and glazed out when it got to numbers and hertzes, but it plays things and I think has a headphone jack.


Choose You Were the Last High, splurge and go for the divX format, because. Wow. I mean, wow. Four hour download (dial-up, bah) so very, very very *very* worth it. It's a fabulous song and the scenes just *flow*.

And yes, it was on loop for a *very long time*, why do you ask? It's fantastic. Go go go go go.
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