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qafreview: s4e8

Well, day after tomorrow, I start live as an advisor. Someone, somewhere, thought it was a good idea to give me adult responsibilities. This is worrying me about the human race in general.

But. Officey things! Happy!

First Off

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to jaymalea, who rocks, addicts, prods, and coaxes in equal measure. *hugshughugs* You are wonderous, chica, and I hope you have a wonderful, wonderful birthday. Or had one. Still having one?

*hugs hard*

People Reviewing the Episode

See, I wish I had something to say, but I pretty much lost all ability to articulate watching all the pretty B/Jness. *happy sigh* So. Other people.

quinn222 gets all insightful, such as, Brian with a plan is never a good thing., which I am in total agreement with. Brian should never be left to his own devices in making a single decision about his emotions or relationships. It's like giving cats shoes. When is this a good idea?

I *told* you I was getting weird with the comparisons.

reboot_wml is really sympathetic to Michael. And wise and stuff. She says, My first thoughts about 408 are about the ‘shoulds’ that should have taken place in this episode.

valerie_z is full of the Justin love in, telling us Justin represents all I aspire to be: brave, adorable, and hot in cargo pants. He really is hot in cargo pants. Or you know, naked. I could live with more naked, less pants.

*sighs* And if wishes were horses....

sweetestdrain says that Ted freaked me out. Just a little. But I liked it. What's the deal, now that Ben's gone schizoid, Ted has to be resident Zen Man? Cool by me, just. Odd..

jainieg is all sweet and moody, talking about Oh, my god. The pain! Owie owie owie owie ow ow ow ow ow!. Hmm.

sparkledark is very, very clever, saying, Justin- so cute I can no longer cope. The cuteness has seriously rendered me incoherent where his character is concerned. It has reached dangerous proportions. His fuzzy head and his radiant face and his relentless love for Brian, and really, the Justin love on my friendslist falleth like manna. It's comforting.

wrenlet is just fun to read, isn't she? She says stuff like this; I have to say, I have not hated the Ted arcs, or been bored with them, or any of that but it just makes me all warm right about here *waves hand* that Ted is back to having the biggest heart in Babylon, as Michael said of him first season.. *sighs* Oh Ted. Sometimes, you are fun. Just not while having sex with Blake. That's me saying that, not wrenlet.

throughadoor all amuses me with the Michael thoughts, and also, this; oh ben, for a moment there i didn't completely loathe you, because, whee! I have an ally! I need one. I am an island in my hate. *sigh*

circusgirl is thoughtful; Did Hal Sparks finally break out the glycerine? The world may never know..

I'm missing bigboobedcanuck already, in so many sad ways. Sad, sad ways.


But she will give us fic (please God, give us fic) and so I will mourn only for the rest of the season.

Okay, one comment. Mostly because seriously, I am all about the angstiness. See, this is when I say, I was on crack, worrying about all that schmoop. Because, ouchies.

Having been spoiled for the cancer storyline since early on, though not the details until the marvelous, blessed, cursed Sandstorm put up all those cracky, cracky clips, I'm just curious, because man, from the second they mentioned cancer, there were about two ways Brian could take this.

Break up with Justin, *then* go get the surgery secretly.

Or reverse order.

Seriously, Brian has only two really good dealing modes, one of them protective of others, one of them involving long bouts of sex, and cancer hit his best method of dealing, so he was kind of stuck. I'm still vaguely shocked he accepted *money* from people early this season.

Though I admit, the slapstick comedian in me wants to see how long he could have hidden this one, and how he would have done it, and man, the *excuses*. There's only so many times you can say "I have a headache, honey" before something just goes really wrong, and Justin was feeling the effects of being cut off last episode. Not to mention the pallor, the sweating, the tiredness, the random bouts of vomiting, and the fact that Brian's snark is suffering, which in retrospect is probably the scariest thing of them all.

I'm serious, did he actually think he could go through *radiation treatment* and no one would notice anything changing? I mean, I love him and man, he's smart, but he really is the stupidest guy in the world.

Which actually leads me to speculation number two--let's say, by some miracle, he managed to pull it off and attributed it all to a massive case of delayed jet lag and some bad sushi, which would work if everyone can believe he actually eats and doesn't absorb energy from others with sex. Eventually, he's going to be seen naked. Justin probably knows every inch of his skin by sight, touch, taste, and scent--he thinks Justin isn't going to notice a brand new scar? He *drew* the guy. Brian can flip the lights off, but if he ever wants oral sex again--and really, Brian's strong, but Justin's mouth is very, very pretty--there is no way that some kind conversation isn't going to happen eventually. It would start something like this.

"What. The. Fuck?"

"...I have a headache?"'

Moments of imaginary comic bliss. I'm very easy to amuse.

I still love Mikey. I want to give him some rancid tea so he gets sick for a few days, but nothing worse. He's Mikey. He's incredibly tactless, thoughtless, loving, sweet, and has a gift for saying exactly the wrong thing at exactly the wrong time. A *calling*, even. This is the same guy who thought he was being supportive in 3.1 and then was going 'owww' for a few days after. I'm not surprised he broke down--this is Brian, who is the Batman to his Robin, and okay, gotta get a better one than that later, and frankly, much as I'd love to say I would react better, I just don't think so.

*pets Mikey*

Still gets the tea, though, for not giving Justin a heads-up. Cause man, that was a very, very bloody ambush. I have seen deer go down in wolf packs less messily. On the discovery channel, that is.

Also, lierdumoa is writing leather porn. My life is *so* good right now. Brownies. There should be mystical chewy brownies *any* minute now.
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