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Completely rhetorical question here, but--when the hell did it get to the point when a backbend--against a wall, even!--makes my back act like it's never gotten the memo that it's *made* to bend?

I think something important back there has been--well, something very bad, by the way it's acting. Stupid back. This is totally what I get for showing off for Child, isn't it?

In Which We Live in the Age of Miracles

Somehow--don't ask me how--my student loans managed to consolidate themsevles. It took nine months, multiple pages of notes on my file, threatening phone calls from the people holding my *other* loan, so many misunderstandings that I ran out of numbers to give them ("Oh, you want a *consolidation? On that loan?" "Kind of the reason for the consolidation application I've turned in twice now, so yeah." or other variation of this, "Well, we sent the form to your school and they haven't returned it yet." "Yes they did. They faxed me a copy, too." "Boy howdee, they did, but I think it's too late now." "It was sent in before the deadline!"......)

But. Consolidated. And for some reason that just makes me smile, no payment this month, as they reconfigure how much of my life will be spent paying this back. Which is fine. My DVD player just had a nervous breakdown and so, I need a new one anyway.

I can't afford a double DVD/R/RW/CD-R/RW etc. I'm actually writing that down, because every time I look at DVD players, I think, right, who needs stuff like food anyway?



Oh Inverted World by burnitbackwards, who *finally* posted, darn it, after much delay. *nudge* Pretty Briannness. Likes.

I feel the need to sulk about something. Must find. Surely something will annoy me today.
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