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blissing still

I watched the musical ep way too many times. That is just too much fun for words to really describe. I saw it and Tabula Rasa at some point that year, though not anything before. Oh the bliss. Oh the fun. Oh, the way I kicked over all my interest in B/A for B/S just watching.

Though really, rivkat can be blamed for the fact I was all primed for it from her fic. Darn her in happy ways.

My bitterness toward UPN increases by the second. I *missed* this. I have more eps to watch! MORE! It's like Christmas, but with, well, no bells or greenery.


People are being all *productive* today. Happy.

Babyverse 12 by girlinthetrilby See? This day rocks. Also, so does Sparky. Go see why.

Their Way Pursue by bigboobedcanuck, third in the spoilery trilogy starting with Their End May Know. Again, spoilers for eps 7-9, but wonderfully good, so if you can't read now, bookmark for happy reading later.

This is so my day. Except for that thing. That I'm so very zen about. Seriously so.
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